Today marks the first full day following the completion of Cardhoarder's acquisition of the bot chain "Alphabot" on MTGO.  Alphabot was one of the first "smartbot" chains on MTGO, dating back to the 2005/2006 era.  It was owned by one of Cardhoarder's owners, Nathaniel.  Cardhoarder's acquisition of this chain will occur in a few steps - the first of which was that the credit systems of Alphabot have been merged into that of Cardhoarder.  

What does this mean for you?

  • If you had credit with Alphabot, it has been automatically added to your existing Cardhoarder credit.
  • When you shop with any of the Alphabots, that activity will affect your balance held by the Cardhoarder chain moving forward.
  • Any existing (and future) credit you had with Cardhoarder can be used on any of the Alphabots the same way you'd shop with a normal Cardhoarder bot.

What are the new bots?

The six sell bots that are joining the Cardhoarder system are:

  1. Alphabot
  2. Alphabot2
  3. Alphabot3
  4. MagicOnlineBot
  5. ValueBot 
  6. ValueBot2

Each of these bots carries the same full stock as a normal Cardhoarder sell bot, and ValueBot and ValueBot2 also carry foils.  You can find these bots (as well as all of our official bots) by typing "#cardhoarder" in the search bar of the trade area on MTGO.

Benefits to our Customers

First and foremost, this change nearly doubles inventory available to you as a Cardhoarder customer.  In addition, there are now 6 more full sell bots available to customers - so during busy times, you'll have an easier time finding an open trade bot.  Lastly, you should notice delivery times for automated site orders happen with a bit more zip, as our system finds it a little bit easier to locate inventory for your order!

Next Steps

Our current plan is to transition at least 3 of these bots to Cardhoarder named bots.  This won't affect much for the average user, but you will see some of the bot names listed above go offline and be replaced with bots in sequential order of our primary bot lines (i.e., cardhoarder.bot3, CardhoarderBot6, or CardhoarderFoils2).  You can always see the full list Everything else more or less will stay the same, so enjoy the added benefits this acquisition provides to you!

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about this change or concerns about how this has affected your outstanding bot credit totals, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at