What Cryptocurrencies Can I Pay With?

We currently accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

How Can I Pay With Crypto?

When you reach the final checkout screen, select "Cryptocurrency via Coinbase" from the Payment Method dropdown menu.  Select Place Order at the bottom and you will be routed to Coinbase Commerce to complete your order.  Select the Crypto you'd like to pay with (BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC) and you will be presented with an exact amount of the selected currency and a wallet to send the currency to.  Please do not close this tab.  Open a separate browser tab to complete your payment, using the "copy to clipboard" functionality to ensure you send the exact amount of currency needed to the correct wallet address (or use the QR code scan).  Any deviation in the amount sent will cause your order to time out.  Once your payment is sent, the browser window will automatically detect when the payment has been received, and will notify you when that is complete.  At this point, you can pick up your order normally.

How Is My Order Confirmed?

Once your order reaches the appropriate number of confirmations (which varies based on the currency type), Coinbase Commerce will automatically detect that the order has been paid.  We receive a notification from Coinbase Commerce telling us that, and your order goes into "Paid" status.

What If My Order Doesn't Complete In Time (Timeouts)?

You have 15 minutes to complete the order before it times out - this means that Coinbase Commerce must detect the payment within that time period, and in our testing, this does not always happen.  An order that has timed out will be marked abandoned on our site.  If you sent payment for your order, you need to reach out to us at support@cardhoarder.com to investigate.  Because these investigations need to be done manually and most of our agents do not have access to our digital wallets, any order that times out will likely include some delay before your order can be fulfilled.  If you paid for your order, however, you will of course still receive it.

We understand it can be frustrating when your order times out.  Please note, however, that this is something that happens fairly frequently - either due to network slowness, incorrect amounts being sent, or otherwise.  We appreciate your patience when this happens, and your understanding that there may be delays in receiving your order when it does.