Those looking to pay with Event Tickets or Cardhoarder Bot Credits can use our 100% automated services 24/7. All of our official bots can be found by typing '#cardhoarder' in the classifieds of the MTGO client. Please be aware of imitators putting "cardhoarder" in the bot's message to make it show on search. You can add any of our bots to your buddy list for easy access!

Sell Bots

We currently have seventeen official sell bots that share your credits and have the same great prices as our website.

Bot Name Stock Carried
Alphabot All Non-Foil Sets.
Alphabot2 All Non-Foil Sets. All Non-Foil Sets.
cardhoarder.bot2 All Non-Foil Sets.
cardhoarder.bot3 All Non-Foil Sets.
cardhoarder.bot4 All Non-Foil Sets.
cardhoarder.bot5 All Non-Foil Sets.
cardhoarder.bot6 All Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderBot All Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderBot2 All Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderBot3 All Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderBot4 All Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderBot5 All Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderFoils Our Foil Bot All Foil Sets.
CardhoarderFoils2 Our Foil Bot All Foil Sets.
CardhoarderLite Only Standard Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderLite2 Only Standard Non-Foil Sets.
CardhoarderLite3 Only Standard Non-Foil Sets.
Alphabot3 RETIRED - APRIL 2017
FastBot RETIRED - MAY 2015
MagicOnlineBot RETIRED - APRIL 2017
ValueBot RETIRED - MARCH 2017
ValueBot2 RETIRED - MARCH 2017

How to Find Our Bots Online

You can find all of our bots under the TRADE menu. In the text box located above the Classifieds section, type in the word #cardhoarder then click the magnifying glass. This will show you all of our bots.

Status Meaning
OPEN You may open trade.
BUSY Someone else is in trade with that bot.
RETIRED At one point in time this used to be a part of our bot chain but is no longer in use.
HUMAN This is not a bot - this is our human employee on duty. Ready to deliver orders or answer questions.

Delivery Bots

We currently have twelve official automated delivery bots that will facilitate the delivery of your website order.

  • CardhoarderOrderBot
  • CardhoarderOrderBot2
  • CardhoarderOrderBot3
  • CardhoarderOrderBot4
  • CardhoarderOrderBot5
  • CardhoarderOrderBot6
  • CardhoarderOrderBot7
  • CardhoarderOrderBot8
  • CardhoarderOrderBot9
  • CardhoarderOrderBot10
  • CardhoarderOrderBot11
  • CardhoarderOrderBot12

Cardhoarder Bot Credits

Cardhoarder Bot Credits are used in place of tickets on our bots. They are convenient and less expensive than tickets.  If your MTGO username is verified with us, you now have the ability to see your available bot credit from your personalized dashboard.  From the dashboard you will see a list of your MTGO accounts and their available bot credit.  If you have an MTGO username associated with your account and it is not verified, you can message Cardhoarder within the MTGO client and we will be more than happy to verify it for you.  Please note, for security reasons we will not verify MTGO accounts over Email.

Important note: due to a large number of recent fraudulent transactions, we are requiring that recently opened foreign (non-US) Cardhoarder accounts purchasing event tickets or bot credits wait 7 days for payment to clear Paypal's fraud protection system before the order can be delivered. To clarify, this wait time does not apply to US customers, nor does it apply to long-standing non-US customers of Cardhoarder. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us

Buy Bot

We have five official buy bots.

  • CardhoarderBuyBot
  • CardhoarderBuyBot2
  • CardhoarderBuyBot3
  • CardhoarderBuyBot4
  • CardhoarderBuyBot5

Please note that these bots share credits with each other and with all of our sell bots.  Before you begin trade, first you need to set all of the cards that you would like to sell in a new binder, separate from the default "Full Trade List".  Open up trade (when either of them are not busy) and the chat dialogue box will guide you through the entire process.  Our buy bots are a sophisticated buying application that looks at our entire inventory for all of its buying needs rather than buying everything you have made available.

If you are selling your collection to maximize the most return on your investment, once you have sold everything you have, feel free to send us your CSV file here.  We also buy those event tickets as well.  Be sure to message Cardhoarder on MTGO for those inquires.

Free cards from our Free Bots

Our official free bots are CardhoarderFreeBot, CardhoarderFreeBot2 and CardhoarderFreeBot3. You can take any 64 cards from this bot for free!  We reset the gifts for everyone every month.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @cardhoarder for all the updates!