Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 98 - w/ Ethan Saks aka LordTupperware

Apr 11 – Cardhoarder

Podcaster and streamer Ethan Saks (aka LordTupperware) joins the show this week. He shares why he started the Lords of Limited podcast. We discuss how to be a better coach for Magic and give our quick takes on ghosting. Other topics include Dominaria spoilers, how limited can be improved digitally, and our favorite vacation experiences.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 97 - Best Events on MTGO

Apr 4 – Cardhoarder

Arena has been getting all the attention lately. Magic Online is still the go to platform especially with Dominaria looming. We break down which events you should play and which queues you should avoid on MTGO. How will events look like on Arena? Dave challenges Conor to play a spicy Modern list. Stay tuned next week for the results!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 96 - MTG Arena & Brawl

Mar 28 – Cardhoarder

With the Arena NDA dropped, we assess if Arena is a failure so far. Was all the negative feedback from the community fair criticism? Wizards created a new format for paper and Magic Online! Will this format stick around for the long term?

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 95 - Eternal Formats & M25 Impressions

Mar 21 – Cardhoarder

We are back! We catch up on the Dominaria leaks. Humans took down GP Phoenix. Modern is actually balanced after the unbannings? Conor shares his struggles in Legacy. Arena NDA drops this week. We also take a look at the M25 draft format and what the Magic Online economy looks like since the release.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #GPSantiago

Mar 9 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell sits down with the players of Team Cardhoarder Brazil to talk about Grand Prix Santiago, team dynamics, and much more!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 94 - Magic Online Championship & Legacy

Mar 7 – Cardhoarder

Fellow Irishman Fergus Looney returns to the cast. He updates us on the health of MTG from a game store perspective. We share our thoughts on the MOCs Modern metagame, Legacy, and whether Deathrite Shaman is ban worthy in Legacy. Other topics include WOTC coverage, the rise of Fortnite, and much more!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 93 - Magic: The Reprinting

Feb 28 – Cardhoarder

Wizards has released spoilers for Masters 25 and the decklists for the newly branded Challenger decks. The community asked for reprints. Now the community is swarmed with them. The release of Iconic Masters was just 4 months ago. How far will Wizards continue to push reprints? We also take a look at the current prices with the Price is Right game.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #GPMemphis

Feb 23 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell gives you the rundown on the first Standard Grand Prix to take place after the bannings!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 92 - State of Modern & Theros Draft Primer

Feb 22 – Cardhoarder

Thankfully Jace has not broke Modern....yet. The format has new life with Wizards releasing more Magic Online decklists. We share some of our favorites. Hipsters of the Coast posted an interview with Chris Cocks. We look into the possibilities of Arena becoming an option for high level events. Theros Draft comes back to Magic Online for the first time. We rundown the best cards and archetypes in the format.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 91 - Jace Legal in Modern & State of MTGO

Feb 14 – Cardhoarder

Modern is perfect so lets shake things up! Wizards has unbanned Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf. We put on our tin foil hats and try to explain this change. Wizards also updated their policy on revealing more Magic Online decklists. Is this a step in the right direction? Other topics include chaos drafts, favorite hot takes, and guilty pleasures.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 90 - Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan

Feb 7 – Cardhoarder

We take a look at the big surprises and stories to come out of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan including a nerd drama report by Dave. Modern seems to be in a great place. Are bans really necessary at this point? Other topics include Pro Tour Team Series fantasy update, Korey McDuffie, and favorite hangover food.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #PTRIX

Feb 1 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell kicks off our coverage of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan with this helpful preview article!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 89 - SCG CON & Magic Price Is Right

Jan 31 – Cardhoarder

The details for SCG CON have been announced. We share our thoughts on all the wacky formats and how this event can galvanize the Magic tournament scene. Dave and Nathaniel square off in the Price is Right: Magic Finance Edition. Who will prevail? Other topics include Dave making Bronze, Twitch video producer changes, and party games.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 88 - MTG Arena Economy

Jan 24 – Cardhoarder

Version 1 of the MTG Arena economy has been revealed. We share our praise and fears of Wizards taking a risk on a newly developed economy. Conor recounts his experience directing a fighting game stream at Frosty Faustings. We take a look at the fighting game scene and how it differs from Magic.