Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 108 - PT25A & Final Sign Off

Aug 8 – Cardhoarder

The final episode of the podcast is here! We go out in style by discussing how great the Pro Tour weekend was. Will Wizards run back a team Pro Tour? We also reflect on 108 episodes and why the podcast is ending. Thanks to everybody that has listened and supported us over the 2 years we've been around!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 107 - PT25A Preview & Chaos Drafts on MTGO

Aug 1 – Cardhoarder

The 25th anniversary team Pro Tour will feature Standard, Modern, and Legacy. We take a look at each format and what decks we're likely to see. Chaos drafts are finally coming to Magic Online! How many bugs will arise? Unfortunately we take a moment to address our concerns with theft on Magic Online.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 106 - SCGWOR & M19 Arena Changes

Jul 18 – Cardhoarder

With Core Set 2019 in the fold, we take a look at the week 1 results from SCG Worcester. There are actually a few new cards making an impact in eternal formats. The new Arena patch happens to have a few of our wish list requests. Is Arena starting to gain traction? We play the Price is Right game since the finance world has been shifting in response to treasure chests and the B&R announcement.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 105 - B&R Announcement, Silver Showcase, & M19

Jul 4 – Cardhoarder

Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe are banned in Legacy. We discuss how the format might shape up for the Pro Tour. The Silver Showcase has received scrutiny from the MTG community. Who booked this event? We close out the podcast with our favorite and least favorite cards from Core Set 2019.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 104 - SCGCON, Beta Draft, & M19 previews

Jun 20 – Cardhoarder

Magic's 25th anniversary was in full swing with SCG Con and GP Vegas occurring back to back weekends. Conor shares his experience at SCG Con. The Beta Rochester draft at GP Vegas was the talk of the weekend. We also share our favorite cards previewed so far from M19.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 103 - What's Wrong with the Pro Tour?

Jun 6 – Cardhoarder

Another Pro Tour has come and gone. PT Dominaria was a decent production overall but we can't help feeling apathetic. We ask the question what's wrong with the Pro Tour? MTG Arena has a big update on June 7th and some changes behind the scenes with Lee Sharpe leaving Magic Online.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 102 - Revisiting Ravnica & Changes to Brawl

May 23 – Cardhoarder

This week we catch up on Magic news. Wizards announced the fall set is returning to the Ravnica plane while Battlebond spoilers are actually exciting. In Magic Online news, we discuss the changes to Brawl and the new Cube Series Spotlight. The Price is Right game is back. Can Nathaniel continue his win streak?

Understanding the New Pro Players Club

May 14 – Thiago Rodrigues

Cardhoarder's Coverage Manager Thiago Rodrigues dissects the latests changes to the Pro Player's Club to help you understand the new path to become a Professional Magic Player!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 101 - Standard Metagame & MTGO Conduct Update

May 10 – Cardhoarder

With Dave heading to GP Birmingham this weekend, we take a look at the Standard metagame. Karn and Walking Ballista are starting to appear in the majority of decks. Will this format get old fast? Other topics include Wizards updating their Magic Online conduct policy, Arena economy, and our favorite villains.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 100 - w/Lee Sharpe

Apr 26 – Cardhoarder

The Digital Manager of Magic Online, Lee Sharpe, joins us for our episode 100 celebration! We talk Magic Online, the challenges of developing digital games, and possible new features coming in the near future. Conor reveals his special announcement along with a personal After Dark topic.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 99 - MTGO News & Favorite Dominaria Cards

Apr 18 – Cardhoarder

Matt Nass wins GP Hartford with Ironworks Combo. We ponder if there will be looming bans before the team Pro Tour. Wizards released the upcoming Magic Online events for flashback formats, Brawl, and even hinted at a new initiative. What could it be? We share our favorite, least favorite, and speculation picks from Dominaria.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 98 - w/ Ethan Saks aka LordTupperware

Apr 11 – Cardhoarder

Podcaster and streamer Ethan Saks (aka LordTupperware) joins the show this week. He shares why he started the Lords of Limited podcast. We discuss how to be a better coach for Magic and give our quick takes on ghosting. Other topics include Dominaria spoilers, how limited can be improved digitally, and our favorite vacation experiences.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 97 - Best Events on MTGO

Apr 4 – Cardhoarder

Arena has been getting all the attention lately. Magic Online is still the go to platform especially with Dominaria looming. We break down which events you should play and which queues you should avoid on MTGO. How will events look like on Arena? Dave challenges Conor to play a spicy Modern list. Stay tuned next week for the results!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 96 - MTG Arena & Brawl

Mar 28 – Cardhoarder

With the Arena NDA dropped, we assess if Arena is a failure so far. Was all the negative feedback from the community fair criticism? Wizards created a new format for paper and Magic Online! Will this format stick around for the long term?