Introducing Team Cardhoarder Brazil!

Oct 11 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell has an exciting announcement to make, on the eve of Pro Tour Ixalan!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 73: Ixalan Standard & MTG Arena

Oct 4 – Cardhoarder

Dave sounds off on Ixalan Limited. We also discuss week 1 of the new Standard, and how Control decks have changed over the years. Magic Online Treasure Chests have been updated for Ixalan. We go over notable curated card changes, and the effect this had on the MTGO economy. Small amounts of information on MTG Arena continue to trickle out. We discuss the stream schedule, and the decks selected for the Streamer Challenge. Other topics include the World Championship, retro games, and much more!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 72: Rotation & Ixalan First Impressions

Sep 27 – Cardhoarder

Ixalan is out on Magic Online! With the new set available, we say goodbye to BFZ block, SOI block, and Hour of Devastation limited. Which cards will we miss most from standard? Which cards are we jumping for joy that left? Another update to the Pro Club was released and we discuss how this affects sponsors following the pro scene. Other topics include MTGO flashback schedule, Fatal Push Promo, and the MTG Arena deckbuilding challenge.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 71: w/Erin Campbell

Sep 20 – Cardhoarder

Erin Campbell joins the show this week as the new Community Manager for Cardhoarder! She shares what her job will entail and her plans moving forward for Cardhoarder. We chronicle her diverse podcasting career and how that has helped her prepare for the new job. Other topics include discovering Dredge, dealing with tilt in MTG, playing in the VSL, and much more!

Introducing Our New Community Manager!

Sep 20 – Erin Campbell

A few words from our new Community Manager!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 70: MTG Arena & Hascon

Sep 13 – Cardhoarder

MTG Arena was finally revealed! What does this mean for the future of Magic Online? Wizards assures the player base that MTGO isn't going anywhere. We discuss the possible outcomes that are likely to arise in the future of Magic: the Gathering. Other topics include Iconic Masters, Japanese Nationals, and some special shout outs.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 69: w/ Chris VanMeter

Sep 7 – Cardhoarder

Former SCG grinder Chris VanMeter joins the show this week to share his experiences working at Card Kingdom. Chris discusses his new Twitch show Friendsday Night Magic and shares the impressive guest list he has lined up. We also pick his brain on the new gruul dinosaur that will most likely see Standard play. Other topics include Best of SCG, Magic Online Wishlist, new rules and mechanics, and our favorite spoilers from Ixalan.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 68: w/ Gerry Thompson

Aug 30 – Cardhoarder

Pro Tour Amonkhet Champion Gerry Thompson joins the show this week to share his extensive journey in the game of Magic. We touch on his Reddit post dealing with depression, his drive to get better at Magic, and how his Magic career got started. Other topics include problems with MTGO, Magic content, and memorable games of Magic.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 67: Dave's RPTQ & Vintage Leagues on MTGO

Aug 23 – Cardhoarder

Dave shares his London RPTQ performance. We discuss the evolution of the current Standard format and how the decklist posting change has affected the metagame. Brad Nelson and his brother Corey Baumeister continue their hot streak by placing 1st and 3rd at Grand Prix Denver. Lee Sharpe shared a few new updates for Magic Online. Most notably Vintage leagues coming August 30th. Other topics include made up house rules, Team Cardhoarder updates, MTGO bugs, and much more!

Announcing Team Cardhoarder for the 2018 Season!

Aug 19 – Jennifer Long

Announcing the new roster and schedule for the 2018 season!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 66: MTGO Player Rewards & Pro Club Changes

Aug 16 – Cardhoarder

This week we catch up on Magic Online news and the changes to the Pro Club. Magic Online Player Rewards now gives out one card packs that can be traded. Dave continues his success in Modern with a 32nd place finish at Grand Prix Birmingham. Other topics include Ravnica Throwback Standard Gauntlet decklists, Starcraft Remastered, a new position at Cardhoarder, and much more!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 65: Dave's Pro Tour Kyoto Experience

Aug 9 – Cardhoarder

We are back! Dave has returned from playing in his first Pro Tour. Conor is back from Dreamhack Atlanta. A lot to catch up on! Dave recaps his tournament experiences at GP Kyoto and Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. We discuss Yam Wing Chun's unfortunate punt on the big stage against PV. Was game 5 an all time memorable Magic moment? Wizards made changes to the Pro Tour in 2018. We catch up on the changes and much more!

PT HOU Recap

Jul 30 – Jennifer Long

This weekend five players competed at PT HOU, see how they did!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 64: FNM Promos & PT Standard Preparation

Jul 20 – Cardhoarder

Last episode before Dave leaves for Japan to battle at GP Kyoto and Pro Tour Hour of Devastation! We share our thoughts on the In-Store play changes by Wizards of the Coast. With the Pro Tour approaching, we share our top 5 decks Dave needs to test against in preparation for PTHOU. A pack is also cracked to jump start our thoughts on the HOU draft format. We will be on hiatus for the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for our return!