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Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 81: Harassment Online & Is MTGO Worth It?

Nov 29 – Cardhoarder

With Christine Sprankle leaving MTG due to harassment online, we share our thoughts on the topic and discuss what can be done to decrease harassment particularly in digital games. We revisit whether Magic Online is worth it for certain player groups. How does Magic Arena change the dynamic for each group? Other topics include previewing the World Magic Cup and ranking our favorite Marvel movies.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 80: Masters Sets & the Modern Format

Nov 22 – Cardhoarder

This week we take a look at the Iconic Masters draft format and the implications of Masters sets going forward. The price of the Modern format has decreased slowly over the past few years. Is the overall price still too high for players? Other topics include Unstable previews, embarrassing MTGO mistakes, and favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 79: Play Point Bundles & Magic Content

Nov 15 – Cardhoarder

Wizards is experimenting with the MTGO economy by offering discount Play Point bundles until the release of Rivals of Ixalan. What impact will this have on the economy? We also dive deep into Magic content. We outline the common downfalls that content creators keep repeating. Magic Online doesn't it make it easy for content creators but we share our tips to improve the viewing experience. Other topics include full sets in Treasure chests, Dave's experience at GP Warsaw, and Mac and Cheese preferences.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 78: Pro Tour Ixalan

Nov 8 – Cardhoarder

We discuss all the happenings from Pro Tour Ixalan including all the nerd drama. No surprises from the Standard metagame. The amount of player mistakes in the top 8 however was shocking. Conor updates the fantasy Team Series standings. Other topics include Throwback Standard Gauntlet decklists, slow play improvements, and Legos.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #PTXLN

Nov 2 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell gives us a preview of the decks, and the players to watch for this weekend at Pro Tour Ixalan!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 77: GP Changes & PT Team Series

Nov 1 – Cardhoarder

This week we look over the changes to the 2018 Grand Prix circuit. Conor gushes how awesome Innistrad is. The Innistrad Throwback Standard Gauntlet decklists were released. Pro Tour Ixalan is coming up so we make our predictions and draft our picks for the PT Team Series. We also discuss what is missing from the Team Series.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #GPPhx

Oct 27 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell debuts a new article series, and talks about what to expect this weekend!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 76: Eternal Weekend & MTG Arena

Oct 25 – Cardhoarder

This week we discuss all the formats besides Standard. The Eternal Weekend metagames triggered ban worthy discussions amongst the community. Are these concerns valid going forward? We take a look at Collins Mullen's 1st place Humans list from SCG Cincinnati. The Modern metagame continues to evolve with new innovations from Ixalan. We share our current thoughts on the Magic Online economy and which cards have drastically changed in price. We close the show with our thoughts on MTG Arena gameplay.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 75: Dave Wins Irish Nationals

Oct 18 – Cardhoarder

Dave Murphy is the new Ireland National champion! His good friend, Fergus Looney, joins the cast to share his experience running Irish Nationals. Gus reminisces how he met Dave and how Dave grew as a Magic player. Dave goes through his full Nationals experience. He explains how he came to play Mono-Red and why it was the perfect choice for this tournament. With the recent B&R announcement, we discuss the health of the various Magic formats. We close the show with a few music suggestions.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 74: Team Cardhoarder Brazil w/ Willy Edel

Oct 11 – Cardhoarder

Hall of Famer Willy Edel joins the show this week to announce his recent partnership with Cardhoarder. With the formation of Team Cardhoarder Brazil, Willy hopes to mentor the team to new heights. Willy also shares his journey in becoming the ambassador for Brazilian Magic and what Brazil struggles with most in Organized Play. We share our thoughts on the Magic World Championship and the Team Series. Dave shares why coverage took major steps forward and unfortunately a few steps back.

Introducing Team Cardhoarder Brazil!

Oct 11 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell has an exciting announcement to make, on the eve of Pro Tour Ixalan!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 73: Ixalan Standard & MTG Arena

Oct 4 – Cardhoarder

Dave sounds off on Ixalan Limited. We also discuss week 1 of the new Standard, and how Control decks have changed over the years. Magic Online Treasure Chests have been updated for Ixalan. We go over notable curated card changes, and the effect this had on the MTGO economy. Small amounts of information on MTG Arena continue to trickle out. We discuss the stream schedule, and the decks selected for the Streamer Challenge. Other topics include the World Championship, retro games, and much more!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 72: Rotation & Ixalan First Impressions

Sep 27 – Cardhoarder

Ixalan is out on Magic Online! With the new set available, we say goodbye to BFZ block, SOI block, and Hour of Devastation limited. Which cards will we miss most from standard? Which cards are we jumping for joy that left? Another update to the Pro Club was released and we discuss how this affects sponsors following the pro scene. Other topics include MTGO flashback schedule, Fatal Push Promo, and the MTG Arena deckbuilding challenge.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 71: w/Erin Campbell

Sep 20 – Cardhoarder

Erin Campbell joins the show this week as the new Community Manager for Cardhoarder! She shares what her job will entail and her plans moving forward for Cardhoarder. We chronicle her diverse podcasting career and how that has helped her prepare for the new job. Other topics include discovering Dredge, dealing with tilt in MTG, playing in the VSL, and much more!