Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 91 - Jace Legal in Modern & State of MTGO

Feb 14 – Cardhoarder

Modern is perfect so lets shake things up! Wizards has unbanned Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf. We put on our tin foil hats and try to explain this change. Wizards also updated their policy on revealing more Magic Online decklists. Is this a step in the right direction? Other topics include chaos drafts, favorite hot takes, and guilty pleasures.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 90 - Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan

Feb 7 – Cardhoarder

We take a look at the big surprises and stories to come out of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan including a nerd drama report by Dave. Modern seems to be in a great place. Are bans really necessary at this point? Other topics include Pro Tour Team Series fantasy update, Korey McDuffie, and favorite hangover food.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #PTRIX

Feb 1 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell kicks off our coverage of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan with this helpful preview article!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 89 - SCG CON & Magic Price Is Right

Jan 31 – Cardhoarder

The details for SCG CON have been announced. We share our thoughts on all the wacky formats and how this event can galvanize the Magic tournament scene. Dave and Nathaniel square off in the Price is Right: Magic Finance Edition. Who will prevail? Other topics include Dave making Bronze, Twitch video producer changes, and party games.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 88 - MTG Arena Economy

Jan 24 – Cardhoarder

Version 1 of the MTG Arena economy has been revealed. We share our praise and fears of Wizards taking a risk on a newly developed economy. Conor recounts his experience directing a fighting game stream at Frosty Faustings. We take a look at the fighting game scene and how it differs from Magic.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #GPINDY

Jan 19 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell has the scoop on Team Limited, and this weekend's Grand Prix Indianapolis!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 87 - Standard Bannings & RIX Drafts

Jan 17 – Cardhoarder

It's that time again. More cards banned from Standard. We try to compare the situation and environment to previous bans. Has Wizards learned their lesson? Is Standard actually fixed now? We also share our first impressions on the Rivals of Ixalan draft format. Dave shares his hot take on why this format is one of the worst of all time.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 86 - RIX Preview Leagues & Full Spoiler

Jan 10 – Cardhoarder

Rivals of Ixalan will be on Magic Online before the paper prerelease. Was this a good decision? Team Cardhoarder had an impressive showing at GP Santa Clara by winning the Sunday PTQ qualifying for the Team Pro Tour. The full spoiler for Rivals of Ixalan was released so we share our favorite cards and what concerns we have with the limited format.

Team Cardhoarder Preview: #GPSANTACLARA

Jan 5 – Erin Campbell

Community Manager Erin Campbell is back to talk about the first Grand Prix of the new year, Grand Prix Santa Clara!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 85 - RIX Spoilers & 2018 MTG Preview

Jan 3 – Cardhoarder

Rivals of Ixalan is rapidly approaching. We take a look at the 2 drop lords in Standard and if this set can make any breakthroughs in an Energy dominated format. 2017 was a slight down year for Magic so we look ahead to 2018 and make a few predictions. Other topics include Numot winning a MOCS Open, Vintage Cube, and Chaos Drafts.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 84 - MTGO 2017 Year in Review

Dec 20 – Cardhoarder

We reflect on the most impactful changes to Magic Online in 2017. Other categories include favorite set, favorite mechanic, and much more!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 83 - Seizing MTGO Accounts & VMA Primer

Dec 13 – Cardhoarder

This week, we dive into the nitty-gritty of what happens when Wizards of the Coast seizes your Magic Online account. What does the user agreement say? Do they have to compensate you?. Loading Ready Run hosted the Unstable pre-prerelease last weekend, Mark Rosewater sat down for an interview to discuss the development of Unstable, and we close out the show with a lengthy primer on Vintage Masters!

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 82: Irish World Magic Cup Report

Dec 6 – Cardhoarder

Dave is back from the World Magic Cup. He shares his perspective on his teammate getting disqualified from the event. Team Cardhoarder had a big weekend with Eli Kassis winning the SCG Invitational and Jack Kiefer winning the Iconic Masters online PTQ. Vintage Masters is coming back to Magic Online! Other topics include the Great Designer Search, Power 9 artwork, and favorite movie snacks.

Cardhoarder Podcast Episode 81: Harassment Online & Is MTGO Worth It?

Nov 29 – Cardhoarder

With Christine Sprankle leaving MTG due to harassment online, we share our thoughts on the topic and discuss what can be done to decrease harassment particularly in digital games. We revisit whether Magic Online is worth it for certain player groups. How does Magic Arena change the dynamic for each group? Other topics include previewing the World Magic Cup and ranking our favorite Marvel movies.