Cardhoarder has been serving the MTGO community since 2005 as one of the largest secondary market stores.  Founded by Matt K., The Original Cardhoarder, Cardhoarder was sold in April 2014 and formalized as Cardhoarder LLC, a Massachusetts limited liability company.  With the transfer, there is a renewed vigor at Cardhoarder to improve the way we serve our customers and to create innovation in the MTGO community.  This new site is just the beginning of many changes to come over the next few years that will improve the shopping and gaming experience of everyone involved with the Cardhoarder brand.

Official Cardhoarder Accounts

So you can be sure you're speaking with someone representing Cardhoarder LLC, please refer to this list of our official MTGO accounts:

Bot Name Stock Carried
Cardhoarder This is our primary account used to service orders placed via our website.  The vast majority of your dealings will be with this account.  Please note that this account is manned by different people throughout the day!
Cardhoarder2 This is our backup account to handle deliveries when volume is too high to handle for one account.
CardhoarderTix When we buy tickets, we do our ticket trading to this account.
CardhoarderSets This account is used to deliver large set orders (common, uncommon, full) so we keep our primary account open to deliver other orders.

Who are we?


Nathaniel is the managing member of Cardhoarder LLC, and is the primary point of contact for Cardhoarder's ownership.  He has been a MTGO dealer since October 2004, and runs several bot chains separately and distinctly from Cardhoarder.  He has supported the community for many years by sponsoring 5 weekly Player Run Events; he loves when he has the opportunity to play MTG competitively, either via online events or larger paper events.  Nathaniel is excited to bring Cardhoarder to a new era of customer experience and community involvement.

MTGO account: Alpha_Centauri1 (dealer account)
MTGO account: Fumbles (play/stream account))


Cheyne is a member of Cardhoarder LLC, and brings his many years of professional programming experience to the Cardhoarder brand.  He's been playing Magic Online since the release of Judgment, and with paper cards on three continents.  He's excited to help Cardhoarder serve customers with a great website.  If you have feedback or feature ideas for the site, he wants to know!

MTGO account: rooder


Thomas is Cardhoarder's digital manager. He is an avid MTGO player enjoying most of his time playing the Momir format with his massive collection of foil unhinged lands. His most crowning achievement for MTGO came in 2009 when he was invited to participate with 8 other team mates during the first MTGO Community Cup Challenge and won!  He currently resides in Fountain Valley, CA.  When he's not thinking, scheming, innovating, or obsessing about Cardhoarder you can find him online playing MTGO, Hearthstone, and Diablo 3.

MTGO account: Tweaker