Our Affiliate Program Mission

  1. Create a straight-forward monetization opportunity for people to pursue their passions in the world of Magic.
  2. Offer data and establish partnerships to enable development of interesting and unique websites, apps, and content for the MTG community.

Affiliate Earnings

  • Payment structure encourages smooth integration and rewards continuous usage
  • Percentage based system allows your payments to grow with your audience
  • Real-time affiliate dashboard provides earnings transparency
  • Fast payment receipt - earnings are paid monthly within 15 days following the end of the month

Available Integrations

Customization and Partnerships

Our affiliate program is intended to establish meaningful and lasting partnerships. If you have additional functionality you'd like included in our affiliate program, please reach out to us to discuss!

Become an Affiliate

If you are interested in joining the Cardhoarder Affiliate Program, please fill out this application.