1) What are your delivery hours for website orders?

As of May 6, 2015, Cardhoarder is available for website deliveries 24/7. The only time that Cardhoarder will not be online is when MTGO is offline for both planned and unplanned maintenance.

2) How do I receive my order (cards, bot credits, etc.)?

After you have successfully placed your order, receiving your order is a relatively simple trading process.

  1. First, from the Home screen, be sure to have the MTGO username Cardhoarder added as a buddy. If you do not already have Cardhoarder as a buddy, click the [+] Add Buddy button and type the name Cardhoarder followed by [Add Buddy].
  2. From the Home screen, right click our username and open up private chat with us.  Let us know that you are available for trade, and provide us with your order number; we need this number to identify your order and the product we need to provide to you.  Once we have this information from you, we will add you to our delivery queue, which consists of other like-minded Cardhoarder customers awaiting their delivery.
  3. We will initiate the trade with you once we have everything setup for you.  The cards that are available for trade are yours - all you need to do is double click all of the cards to take them.  There is a max of 400 cards per trade, so larger orders will require multiple trades.
  4. For orders that have either Event Tickets, Boosters, etc., you will have to switch over to the Other Products tab on the left hand side to see these items.
  5. Once you have taken everything, click the Submit button on the bottom right hand side one time.
  6. During the next screen, take your time to review against your order to make sure that you are receiving everything that you ordered.  Be sure to check your specific land artwork.  If there are any corrections that need to be made, you can bring any discrepencies to our attention with this screen up.
  7. When you are satisfied with the results, click Submit again.
  8. Please let us know that you are satisfied with your delivery.  We appreciate any feedback that will improve your future experiences with us.

3) I haven't received my order yet, what should I do?

There are several situations that can come up regarding a customers order including, but not limited to:

  • Check to see our normal hours of operation (See FAQ: Orders: 1)
  • Check our Twitter feed for any special announcements regarding our online availability

4) No one is responding to chat requests.  Am I doing something wrong?

99% of the time if you are attempting to chat with the MTGO username Cardhoarder, chances are it's not on your side of the communication here.

  1. One thing that we can suggest is on the new MTGO client is to check your chat settings.  Go to ACCOUNT -> Buddies, Clan, and Chat -> Availability.  Make sure that Non-game Chat: Allow Only Buddies is NOT checked.
  2. There are instances when there is an extreme influx of orders that come in, especially during the first month of a new set release.  We do our best to be as attentitive to our first contact with customers just to let everyone know where things are.
  3. Unfortunately with the new beta client, there is no audible notifications to chat, where as before there was an alert notification (a bonk).  We are hoping that WotC will be programming the audible notification back into the client.  We are hoping that it will be sooner than later that this feature will be put back.  If we happen to miss your chat or do not see it, we deeply apologize before hand.
  4. We are doing our best given the new clients state of design and implimentation.  We are currently exploring other means of communication to help with this new client transition.
  5. It could be that we have stepped away to procure some nurishment for our human bodies or are otherwise indisposed.  Rest assured, upon our return, we will handle any and all chat requests and orders in the order in which they are received.  We do not log out of the Cardhoarder account during these opportunities so that we may maintain our online availability.  Remember, we are all human here afterall.

5) Are bot credits posted automatically?

At this time bot credits are not posted automatically.  You still need to reach out to us like a regular order.  So you do not have to wait in our queue, you can mention to us that you just placed an order for bot credits and we will expedite your processing so you can start making your purchases with our bots even faster.  In the future we are exploring opportunities to auto post bot credits.  More on that later.

6) I don't want to wait for anybody.  Do you have any bots I can trade with?

Yes, we have a list of our bots here.

Event Tickets

1) I'd like to sell you Event Tickets.  How do I sell tickets to you?

Selling Event Tickets to us is a relatively simple process.  We do ask where you get your tickets from; whether you sold cards, participated in daily or premiere events, or run a bot chain.

2) Can you do Paypal Gift?

Unfortunately we cannot do Paypal Gift because our Paypal account is a Business Class.  For larger ticket sales, we are happy to explore no fee (e.g., company check) or low fee (wire transfer) options with you.

3) I bought Event Tickets with a stolen credit card.  I'm going to sell these tickets to you.  Is that OK?

NO, this is not okay.  In fact, anybody who sells us Event Tickets from a stolen credit card, or other fraudulent means, are reported to Paypal as well as Wizards of the Coast.


1) I want to sell you my collection.  How much will you offer for it?

We have a Collection Appraisal Tool that approximates how much we would pay for your collection. You can submit your collection via this tool to get a firm quote on your collection; we do our best to respond to these requests within 1 business day.

2) How can I maximize my return for my collection?

One of the most asked questions here to us has to be this. We have created a comprehensive guide to address this question specifically.

3) How do you make an export of your MTGO collection?

Making an export is really a simple process.

  1. Launch MTGO.
  2. Log in.
  3. On the top menu system, click on COLLECTION.
  4. Click "Reset All Filters".
  5. Switch Display mode from "Card View" to "List View".  This will make your collection look more like a spreadsheet.
  6. Right click over the header column labeled "Name" and click "Select All".  This will highlight your entire collection.
  7. Right click over the header colum label "Name" again and click "Export Selected Cards".
  8. The default file name will be in the format of "Magic Online Collection $todays.date".DEK.  Rename this file name to correspond with your MTGO username.DEK.  The default folder is your Documents folder.  For example, if your MTGO username is "Tweaker", make your file name "Tweaker.dek".
  9. Explore in Windows to your Documents library and you should now see a file there named $username.DEK where $username is your personal MTGO username.

You have successfully created an export of your MTGO collection. 

4) Can you only pay me using Paypal?

Paypal is the typical method of payment we use to buy collections.  Because we are a business class paypal user, we are unable to pay for your collection using Paypal gift.  However, we are willing and able to find suitable alternative payment methods that will work for you.  The most common of these methods is payment via company check, which of course has the drawback of being the slowest method since the check will have to be physically mailed to you; the benefit here, though, is that there is no fee associated with it.  We also can provide domestic (US) or international (non-US) wire transfers for larger collections, the timing of which depends on our ability to get to the bank (usually sent within 3 business days).

Currency Conversion

1) Can I pay for my order using a foreign (non-US) currency?

Yes!  Currently we accept five foreign currencies: Euro, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, British Pound Sterling, and Japanese Yen.  When you are browsing the site, you can select the currency you'd like to pay in.  The cart subtotals will show in both TIX and your selected currency.  When you are ready to finalize your order, simply select that currency option via Paypal and proceed as normal.

2) When I select my currency, all the prices are still showing in TIX - how can I view the prices in my currency?

Since TIX are the universal currency for MTGO, we show all individual prices in this currency.  When you update your currency, this will change the subtotals you see in your shopping cart.  So you can compare the best option for you, we will always show you the subtotal in TIX and your selected currency.

3) What exchange rate are you using?

The exchange rates we use have two components.  First, the conversion from tickets to 'cash' is a relatively stable 6% conversion (so, if our ticket price is 1.00, the cash price in USD is $0.94).  This rate is based on the MTGO secondary market for ticket prices; it has historically been variable, but more recently has not changed significantly.  With V4, it is possible that this secondary ticket price may change, and we will change this FAQ with the appropriate information when that happens.  Second, the market exchange rate between USD (our base currency) and a foreign currency is used.  This exchange rate is based on the official foreign exchange market exchange rate less a haircut to account for the fees we incur to convert that currency back to USD.  This rate is adjusted throughout the day so it always accurately reflects the market rate.

4) I want to pay using a foreign currency you are not currently accepting.

Please let us know of your desire to use a foreign currency we are not currently accepting.  If we get enough requests to add that currency, we will consider adding it to our list of accepted currencies.

Partnership Opportunities

1) I run a website and would like to partner up with Cardhoarder.

Great!  We would love to explore partnerships with any relevant Magic: The Gathering / Magic: The Gathering Online website out there.  Please feel free to email us your opportunity and lets see what the future holds!

2) I run a PRE and want Cardhoarder to sponsor us.

See answer FAQ: Partnership Opportunities: 1.

3) I have a business idea for Cardhoarder.  Are you interested?

See answer FAQ: Partnership Opportunities: 1.

4) I run a Twitch stream and want to know if you would be interested in sponsoring me and my stream.

See answer FAQ: Partnership Opportunities: 1.