Team Cardhoarder is a professional Magic the Gathering team funded, and owned by Cardhoarder. The team's primary focus is the Grand Prix circuit, and the Pro Tour, with the goal of having as many players qualify for the Pro Tour as possible.

In addition to excelling at competitive Magic, the team aims to:

  • Enable new and developing Magic players to take their game to the next level
  • Develop a new generation of professional Magic players
  • Promote Magic as an attainable profession
  • Be a positive, driving force in the Magic Community, and specifically the professional Magic community
Date Location Tour Format ResultsWin %
January 5-7Santa ClaraGrand PrixTeam Trios Constructed

January 19-21IndianapolisGrand Prix
Team Limited

February 2-4
BilbaoPro TourModern/Booster Draft

February 23-25MemphisGrand Prix Standard

March 16-18
PhoenixGrand PrixStandard

April 5-8SeattleGrand PrixLegacy/Standard

May 25-27Washington D.C.Grand PrixTeam Limited

June 1-3RichmondPro TourStandard/Limited

June 14-17Las VegasGrand Prix Modern/Limited 

These events are by no means exclusive and you will still see many members of Team Cardhoarder at other GPs and SCG Opens. We hope the entire team will qualify for upcoming Pro Tours, so be sure to root for us at Pro Tour Ixalan in November, and Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan in February! 

Team Cardhoarder 2018

There are several changes for Team Cardhoarder this season. First, and foremost, there are only six competing members of the team. They are Bobby Graves, Jack Kiefer, Devin Koepke, Joe Lossett, Shaheen Soorani, and Noah Walker. You will recognize five of these names from last season. But we are proud to announce the newest addition to the team: Shaheen Soorani!

Other members of last season’s team have been invited to stay on the play testing roster. They support the official team and help with testing, research, and metagame analysis to help further the success of the competing members.

Second, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new team to our roster, called Team Cardhoarder Brazil, which includes Marcos Paulo de Jesus Freitas, Jonathan Melamed, Eduardo Vieira, Willy Edel, Bernardo Santos, and Guilherme Merjam. Their emphasis will primarily be on the Pro Tour, but they will certainly travel to Grand Prix when they can. 

In the wake of the #paythepros controversy, we wanted to explore the feasibility of funding a pro team to the point of providing a realistic income for the members, while still making business sense for our expenditures. We are very passionate about being a positive force in the community, and know it will take several companies in our industry to take the initiative to build this aspect of the professional magic scene.  We only hope that these types of initiatives are well-received and supported by the community - not only to bolster our own efforts, but also to encourage more Magic-related businesses to move to this model - and perhaps more importantly, to encourage outside investment from larger non-Magic related sponsors for our industry teams and events.

Team Lotus

This process was made far easier than expected by teaming up with Chris and Kent from Team Lotus; what Team Lotus has built fits so well with our desires for a team, that we were able to effectively rebrand their existing team (with a few additions) and get to work immediately with a team that already has chemistry and team processes.  Chris will be the Team Cardhoarder captain, and his passion for teaching Magic inspires great confidence in the team's future success as well as expansion of the Academy portion of the team.

Our Goals

Magic is a wildly popular game that is lacking in very specific areas that prevent that popularity from reaching the heights seen in more prominent eSports.  We want to be a driving force to Magic's rise in the eSports world - to overcome some of the things preventing its growth, and facilitate work arounds for the things that cannot be changed - or that cannot be changed in the short term.  Magic Online, which is the primary driver of our business, is one of these major areas.  We will continue to do everything in our power to make Magic Online as accessible as it can be in its current state, and be an advocate for future improvement to help further the overall Magic community.

From a player standpoint, our goal is to grow to the point where everyone on our team has a guaranteed (i.e., not tied to performance) baseline income (similar to the soon to be extinct monetary benefits afforded to platinum pros from WOTC) from us that allows them to make a firm commitment to the professional magic scene without worrying about prize money to fund basic necessities.  In addition, the team will be a cohesive group that commits to working together, and will recognizably be ambassadors for our brand and the game - both at tournaments, and with produced weekly content.

We could not be more excited to announce the formation of this team.  We look forward to what the team can accomplish in the future and what our community can accomplish for the future of this game we all love.