MTGO card prices are very volatile, and can (and do) change very often. There is a balance between having the most accurate pricing information on the site, and being an inconvenience for customers to have the prices of cards they intend to purchase change in the middle of a transaction.

Our pricing mechanism on the site is set to update at a regular interval so that the prices on the site closely reflect the market price at all times, but the frequency of the changes is not overly burdensome for customers as they shop.

We highly value our customers' shopping experience with us, and hope that this "middle ground" for this issue is satisfactory. The vast majority of changes in prices will be very minor; occasionally when certain cards are in very high short-term demand (say during a large price spike), the changes could be more substantial. Any price adjustments that happen while you are on the final order page will be brought to your attention to review when you click to finalize the order (regardless of the severity of the change).

Rest assured that all prices reflected on the site will be as close to the market price on cards as we are able to get, and we apologize in advance for any frustration you may experience from price fluctuations on cards.