About the Event

Format: Modern, with Eye of Ugin banned.

Special Rules: Each deck must cost 100 tickets or less at the time of submission. For consistency, each player will use Cardhoarder prices via our Deck Editor and provide a screenshot upon submission of the deck's cost. Any future changes to price will not affect the participant's ability to play the deck.

When: Weekly on Wednesdays from 4 PM EST until 10 PM EST, starting on March 16th (4 total weeks). See the full Schedule below.

Pairings: Each group will play others in their group 1 time, with 3 matches played per week. 4th week will cut to Top 4 across both groups.

Who: 20 different streamers that are all part of our Cardhoarder Network Stream Team.

Where: Each participant will stream from his or her Twitch channel.

Decklists: Decklists are posted below and are locked in for the entire event.


  • Round Robin Wins (Weeks 1-3) $5 per win
  • 1st Place $100
  • 2nd Place $50
  • 3rd Place $25
  • Total Prize Pool: $625


Round Robin Rounds: March 16th, March 23rd, March 30th. There will be two groups per day - 10 streamers from 4 PM EST to 7 PM EST and 10 streamers from 7 PM EST to 10 PM EST. Each streamer will play 3 rounds per week.

Week 1 Pairings and Results: March 16th

Week 2 Pairings and Results: March 23rd

Week 3 Pairings and results: March 30th

4-7 PM EST 7-10 PM EST
paythetoll maxlongitude
SaffronOlive Telemokos
Mrs_Mulligan Handfromabov
Madhatted JeffHoogland
pomegrant MTGBlogger
Thegamersdome BrewSpytheMagicGuy
DaveSea ors_mtgo
lookinglasself Trei_gamer
mat_bimonte zBoywonder
romariovidal Moxflip

Finals: April 6th from 5 PM EST to 8 PM EST. Semi-finals to be played concurrently, 3rd place match to follow, and lastly the finals.



Meet the Participants


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Primarily limited player that learned the game in 2012. While balancing running a startup and a newborn baby boy, dedicated time for MTG is hard to find - so I try to make it count! Streaming drafts and fun every Monday evening at 9pm CT.


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

I am an Irish magic online grinder. I've been playing since about Scourge with maybe about a year out at one stage. I've been streaming for about 7-8 months and am hoping to make it my full time job. My goal for the year is to try get to Pro Tour honolulu something i've fallen one game short of before. I dont really have many magic achievements but did top 8 a nationals before.

Date of Submission: March 8, 2016. Cost at submission: 97.76 Event Tickets


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

PayTheToll is attending university full time and streams poker and MTGO in his free time. Typically, PayTheToll brews quite a bit with cards that range from Goblin Charbelcher to Battle of Wits. While not having been able to attend many GP's or SCG Opens over the past few years due to school, PayTheToll hopes to start to play competitively both on Magic Online and in the Paper Magic scene once he graduates in May from University.


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

Kevin Gomez (Madhatted) is a long time fan of card games and has played magic since the first Rise of the Eldrazi. Recently becoming more competitive in the last few years being able to play in Pro Tour Journey into Nxy. Since then Madhatted has been streaming his favorite formats Standard and Modern to try and improve his game and others in attempt to get back onto the Pro Tour!


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Magic: The Gathering: Grand Prix Detroit 2016 Top 32, Grand Prix DC 2010 Top 16, US Nationals Top 8 Competitor 2010, Starcitygames Open Boston Top 8 Competitor 2011, multiple Starcitygames Invitational and Pro Tour Competitor, Content Creator/Writer Juptergamesonline.com (2010-2012).


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Magic the Gathering: Blogger covering deck techs, new brews and anything Standard. We want to improve and develop the MTG community together, through in depth Standard testing, and Community feedback!


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

Brazilian magic player living in the US, I started playing around 1997, stopped playing MTG in 2000 and didn't play a competitive game of magic until 2009. I mostly play Legacy these days but I like pretty much any format. My only notable MTG accomplishment was a SCG Legacy Open top 4 (2013).


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

Scott has been a competitive Magic player since 1995, playing his first Pro Tour in 1997. Primarily a limited player, he has one GP Top 8 (oddly enough, in Extended), 10 GP cashes, 18 Day 2’s (over 81% Day 2 in limited) 3 PTQ wins, 5 PT appearances, and over $5,000 in winnings (at least, according to the WotC W2’s). He has also played MTGO since the Beta in 2002. Yeah, he’s old and has been around the block once or twice.


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

Mat Bimonte began his Magic playing career midway through the release of Theros. Despite his short time playing the game, he has a Modern 5K championship title along with a handful of smaller Standard tournament wins. Mat spends most of his time on the Star City Circuit with aspirations of qualifying for the Pro Tour in the coming years.


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Robert Stan (oRS) spends a lot of his time as a Magic player. Formerly a frequent streamer, he now spends most of his time writing magic articles and trying to qualify again for another Pro Tour.

Date of Submission: March 8, 2016. Cost at submission: 92.83 Event Tickets


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Brewing is something that I'm very passionate about, and on the channel, I break down how to brew, test and tune decks. Come say hi sometime and ask me why I put this card in that deck on the BrewSpytheMagicGuy show!

Date of Submission: March 13, 2016. Cost at submission: 99.96 Event Tickets


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

I am a mtg player that has been playing 20 or so years. I love to brew and push the boundries of decks. So always expect some spice when I can use it. I am also a father and look forward to teach my kids this wonderful game.


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

Seth, probably better know as SaffronOlive, is a writer, podcaster and youtuber at MTGGoldfish - Magic the Gathering Prices, Decks and Strategy He is known for his love of budget decks, janky combos and Stasis locks.


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

My name is Bradley Hammond and I'm a neuroscientist by day and Twitch entrepreneur by night. I have been playing MTG off and on for 18 years and I love decks that get into the red zone, whether it be an aggro or midrange strategy. I primarily play modern, but I'm no slouch at limited and will be delving into SOI after it is released on MTGO.


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

My name is Jennifer Long and I love to play MTG with friends, online, and at tournaments. I stream 5 days a week so feel free to come hang out with me! I'm known for my favorite deck (Modern Merfolk) but have recently begun playing Standard again as well as trying out other formats.

Date of Submission: March 6, 2016. Cost at submission: 99.96 Event Tickets


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

SneakyTheDragon is a budget deck player who started playing Magic in 2014 during the Great Mono Black Depression. Sneaky prefers casual play, but has been known to dip a toe into the competitive Magic scene now and then, with an FNM win streak of 4 events in a row under his belt.


Week One, Wednesday 4-7pm Eastern

Hello, my name is Paul Judd Pires, I am a Magic: the Gathering content producer and live streamer. I spend the majority of my time producing MTG content and broadcasting live on a regular schedule. I'm always answering whatever questions the chat may have for me while engaging with opponents, live in battle. The decks I choose to adopt and pilot are typically off the beaten path.


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Long time constructed Magic player looking to up his game while having fun streaming it. Recently finished 153rd at GP Detroit.


Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Jeff Hoogland is professional Magic the Gathering player who is consistently ranked in the top 16 players on the SCG Tour. He plays primarily constructed with his favorite formats being Standard and Modern.



Week One, Wednesday 7-10pm Eastern

Tanner Nelson is one of MTGO's original streamers starting back in late December 2012; Aside from loving magic, he enjoys the OTAKU Life Style. He has multiple big event top 8s on MTGO from MOCS to PTQ's! He prefers limited, but modern and brewing for new formats hold a special place for him. He also lives in Colorado and is a large activist in the 420 and Music scene there!