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While in high school, Jacob played a lot of sports. After high school, he went to community college for a few years, and decided it wasn't for him. He has since worked a lot of different jobs over the years: electrician, auto mechanic, and delivery driver, just to name a few. But the one thing that has stayed constant in his life is his drive to play Magic.

Age: 28

Years Playing MTG: 21

Favorite Card: Grizzly Bears 

Favorite Deck: Scourge Standard Goblins. 

Hobbies: Anime, Board Games, Console Games, PC Games, Table Top RPGs.

Deck Box

DateEventDeck PilotedFormatRank
December 17, 2016SCG Players ChampionshipLandsLegacy4th
December 17, 2016SCG Players ChampionshipDredgeModern4th
December 17, 2016SCG Players ChampionshipNaya AetherworksStandard4th


SCGCOL - Round 11 - Modern - Jacob Baugh (TC) v. Jeff Hoogland

SCGPC - Seminfinals - Standard - Caleb Scherer v. Jacob Baugh (TC)

SCGKNOX - Round 7 - Standard - Jacob Baugh (TC) v. Brian Braun-Duin