We offer two delivery options at checkout: Human and Automated.

Automated Delivery

Customers choosing automated delivery will have their orders delivered by a bot account. Most orders will be ready for delivery in 2-8 minutes, at which time our bot will message you to initiate the transfer of your order.

If you accidentally close trade with our delivery bot, you can re-initiate trade by messaging the delivery bot account with the word "yes". You can determine your delivery bot name on the order details page, accessible from your dashboard.

If you are paying with event tickets, please be sure to use the "Full Trade List" binder.

Human Delivery

Customers choosing human delivery will have their order delivered by a Cardhoarder employee. We have a delivery agent on-call 24/7 to deliver your order and answer any questions you may have.

To receive your order, please contact our delivery agent with your order number. Our delivery agent is 'Cardhoarder' on Magic Online..

If you are unsure how to chat with our 'Cardhoarder' account, or how to perform a trade on Magic Online, please refer to our FAQ page for more detailed information.