Support a Worthy Cause

Gamers Helping Gamers (GHG) is a charity devoted to helping young members of the Magic: the Gathering community go to college. Last year, three recipients received scholarships totaling $10,000 per year to pursue their college dreams. 2015 will mark the fourth year that GHG has awarded scholarships to worthy applicants.

We at Cardhoarder have added a donation button in our checkout process to facilitate our customers' support of this worthy cause. 100% of the donations made via our website are donated to GHG - any cost to receive the donations (e.g., Paypal fees) will be borne by us to ensure GHG receives the entirety of your donations. The Magic community has always been one of the defining pieces of its success - Cardhoarder is proud to support the efforts of GHG in making our community something we can all be proud of.