My week preparing for SCG Syracuse stared on Sunday, where I was participating in GenCon. Not much Magic was played, but I did try to keep up with the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon coverage in order to keep up with the new tech in Standard. However, I had to drive home to St. Louis, so I was way too tired for anything else. A little bit of unpacking, watching some TV, and falling asleep in front of it was the most that Sunday brought.

Monday required adult work, but I still did have to make my weekly video series (Jacob’s Ladder). Given that the SCG Tour stop in Syracuse was Modern, I thought I’d give a couple brews a try. I really liked the turbo-Emrakul strategy that dominated the Pro Tour, so I wanted to try that kind of deck out in Modern. Unfortunately, the deck was a little too slow and clunky, so I gave up on it. See for yourself here. Then I started to brew a G/W Archangel of Thune deck that utilized Eldritch Evolution. I posted my deck to the Team Cardhoarder group chat to get some feedback on card choices, then started to jam some games. Finally, we had our weekly content meeting, where we discussed the week’s content and some new decks we might give a shot at SCG Syracuse.

Tuesday was a lot of work; I got up at 7 am and didn’t get home until around 6 pm. However, there was still more Magic work to do, so when I got home, the first thing I did was load up the Team Cardhoarder chat and try to catch up with everything I missed during the day. Some commenting here and there, followed by more games with the G/W Thune deck. But, like most brews, it felt like a worse version of an already established deck; in this case, Abzan Company. However, Eldritch Evolution impressed me enough to try to get it to fit into an Abzan Company list, similar to the old Melira Pod decks.  After posting the deck to the team chat, myself and Andrew Tenjum discussed some slots before I finally succumbed to sleep.

Wednesday was more “normal work”, but afterwards, I went to my LGS to pick up some cards for Syracuse and talk it out with some locals. Tenjum and I did some more theory work on the Abzan Company deck, this time trying to figure out the sideboard. With Modern being as sideboard intensive, we knew we had to get the best fifteen we could.

Thursday, there wasn’t much time for Magic. After getting home from work, I packed and met my crazy driving partners for the trip: fellow Team Cardhoarder member Devin Koepke and SCG Tour stalwart Caleb Scherer. The fifteen hour drive to Syracuse gave us plenty of time to hash out some theory on the trip as we drove throughout the night.

On Friday, our roving band of Magic players arrived at our hotel around 1 pm. Of course, we started the run-bads early, as our hotel informed us we could not check in till 3 pm. Guess it was time to reload. So we drove around to find some food and stopped by the local Walmart to pick up some supplies for later. When we finally got into the room, I sat down and started to put my deck physically together for the first time. Before finalizing the list, there was a team discussion about the final list, where it was decided to run a hybrid Abzan Company/Melira Pod abomination, featuring Eldritch Evolution and Archangel of Thune

Abzan Angel by Jacob Baugh