This weekend I'm pleased to announce that Team Cardhoarder, and Team Cardhoarder Brazil will converge on Phoenix, Arizona for the last Grand Prix before Pro Tour Ixalan next week. The format for this Grand Prix is Sealed, and Ixalan has proven to be a rather interesting set to play in Limited formats. It is a Tribal set, meaning that there is more of an emphasis on building decks that feature one particular creature type. However, in Ixalan, the power level of the set as a whole is quite low, so finding these synergies will be more important than it was in other Tribal sets.

While both teams have been Drafting heavily in preparation for the Pro Tour, and Eli Kassis made Day 2 at Grand Prix Providence earlier this month, they haven't spent as much time building decks from Sealed pools. It will be interesting to see if the skills they have picked up while Drafting can carry over into a Sealed environment.

There are three players in particular who you will want to keep an eye on this weekend. The first is Eli Kassis. Eli is a relatively new addition to the team, with four Grand Prix Top 8s, six Top 16s, and fifteen Open Series Top 8s to his name. I look forward to seeing what someone with as much experience as Eli has can do for our Team.

Quinn Kiefer may not have as much experience as Eli, but he has seen a surprising amount of competitive play for being only twelve years old. This month alone, Quinn played at SCG Dallas/Forth Worth, and was interviewed as part of SCG's 'Player Spotlight' series. He also took a stab at Hearthstone, and finished Top 16 at his first ever Hearthstone tournament at DreamHack Denver. All eyes are on Quinn going into next year, and I'm eager to see what he does next. 

And from our Brazilian team, watch out for Jonathan Melamed. In addition to being a competitive Magic player with two Grand Prix Top 8s, and one Pro Tour Top 16, Jonathan is also a Level 1 Judge, tournament organizer, and local game store owner. I'm interested to see how Jonathan applies all of the hats that he wears to playing competitively. 

I will also be in attendance, handing out swag, and Tweeting out text coverage, pictures, and videos from the Team's Twitter account, @TeamCardhoarder. Be sure to give us a Follow, so you can keep up with how both teams are doing at Grand Prix Phoenix, and other events!