Rivals of Ixalan has been on everybody’s mind these past few weeks, what with the Loading Ready Run pre pre-release, the Magic Online Preview League, pre-release events hosted by your friendly local game store, and the recent Banned & Restricted announcement. Not only are players eager to see what this set will bring for Standard, but how it will impact Limited, as well. We’ll soon find out, as the first major event in which you can play with Rivals of Ixalan is here: Grand Prix Indianapolis! 

The format for this Grand Prix is Team Limited, meaning that players will form teams of three, and receive twelve Booster Packs (eight packs of Rivals of Ixalan and four packs of Ixalan) from which they will need to build three separate decks. Cards from these packs can be distributed freely between decks. But once the decks are registered, the cards cannot be shared. 

Should players happen to make Day Two, they will find themselves participating in a unique Team Draft. Team Drafts involve two teams drafting against each other, and then playing each other. Once the draft is over, players begin building their decks, as usual. However, unlike in Team Sealed, the team does not share cards. Players can only use cards they drafted themselves. 

Team Limited events tend to require more communication and teamwork than Team Constructed events, where players show up with their decks already built. Players will have to work together to determine what decks are available based on the pools they have opened, but also which player is best suited to pilot those decks. For example, you don’t want to build a Control deck, and then assign the player who has the most experience playing Aggro decks to pilot it. 

Speaking of teams, let’s take a look at which members of Team Cardhoarder you should keep an eye out for this weekend at Grand Prix Indianapolis. 

Eli Kassis
, Quinn Kiefer, and Jack Kiefer are coming off of an exciting weekend at Grand Prix Santa Clara where the trio won the Team Sealed PTQ on Sunday to qualify for the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour in Minneapolis later this year. This makes Eli qualified for the next three Pro Tours (Bilbao, Richmond, and Minneapolis), Jack qualified for two (Richmond and Minneapolis), and Quinn qualified for his first ever Pro Tour. Quinn also has the honor of being the second youngest person to ever qualify for a Pro Tour, followed by another twelve year old, Kyle Morlock in 2012.

Although they took down the PTQ together, the boys have decided to split up, and join different teams for Indianapolis. Quinn will be teaming up with friends Caleb Scherer and Roger Bodee, while Eli and Jack will be keeping it in the Team Cardhoarder family by teaming up with Noah Walker and Shaheen Soorani, and Joe Lossett and Bobby Graves, respectively.

The team of Bobby Graves, Devin Koepke, and Joe Lossett managed to turn a crushing 0-2 start at Grand Prix Santa Clara into an impressive 9-2 before receiving their third loss, and knocking them out of Top 8 contention. Bobby and Joe will be attempting to run it back in Indianapolis, this time with Jack Kiefer as their third, while Devin will be teaming up with our own Jacob Baugh, and friend David Goldfarb.

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