This weekend Team Cardhoarder had five players compete in Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. Bobby, Lucas, Devin, Joe, and Noah all met up in Kyoto, Japan to represent the team. Only Bobby missed out on Day 2, leading to a large percentage of the team returning on Saturday.

Bobby Graves won his first two rounds in the draft, starting the tournament of in a good position. Unfortunately his luck turned and after five losses in a row he dropped from the tournament and cheered on his teammates.

Lucas Kiefer competed in his first Pro Tour this weekend and left with a 7-9 record. Not bad for your first time playing in a Pro Tour. Five of his losses were in the Draft portion of the tournament, so his Standard record was 6-4.

Devin Koepke did quite well in the Draft portion, receiving a Draft record of 4-2. He struggled in the Standard rounds receiving two draws, making his final record 7-6-2 after dropping before the last round.

Joe Lossett broke even this weekend finishing the tournament with a final record of 8-7. He also decided not to play the last round because it would not affect his silver pro status for next year.

Noah Walker finished Day 1 with an impressive 6-2 record having won two matches in the Draft rounds and four in the Standard. Noah came out with the best record for the team, ending 10-6 overall.

The Pro Tour is one of the most challenging tournaments of the year and everyone put up a good fight in such tough competition. Extra congratulations to Noah who locked gold pro status for next season!

Next weekend is the last team event of the season before Team Cardhoarder will reform. Stay tuned to @TeamCardhoarder on twitter for live updates from the floor of Minneapolis as they battle together, reaching for a win!