From Team Cardhoarder Bobby Graves, Jack Kiefer, Joe Lossett, and Noah Walker each had the opportunity to compete in Pro Tour Amonkhet this weekend. Like every Pro Tour the competition was very steep and the ended with a total record of 20-25. While the results may not be shining, this Pro Tour was still very good for the team.

Bobby had a rough time at Pro Tour Amonkhet. He only played seven rounds in which he mulliganed “in the double digits”. Sometimes variance is not in your favor, and when that is a day playing against a room full of the best it can be hard to outplay the competition from a disadvantage. His final record was 2-5.

Jack played in his first Pro Tour and set his personal goal at making Day 2. After only five rounds of magic he had locked his goal! He continued to play against some of the best players in the world. His final record was 6-8 before he dropped from the tournament.

Joe started off Day 1 with a record of 3-1, but his focus on testing limited showed and he struggled to hold his Standard opponents at bay. Zombies can lose to the mirror match without really having an answer to stop your opponent if they have a fast start, and that is what Joe had to fight. Unfortunately he did not survive the Zombie apocalypse and had a final record of 3-5.

Noah struggled with this draft format only picking up one win in six rounds. Standard was very good for him though and his Mardu deck was able to give him a Standard record of 8-2. His final record for the tournament was 9-7.

Another exciting moment happened this weekend for Team Cardhoarder. On Saturday afternoon after the end of round 8 a young man named Drew came over to some of the players. He was hoping to play a game of Standard against a pro player. When he came up to ask for a game Noah offered to play a game or two against him and he was so excited! They played for a little while until it was time for dinner, but the next morning Drew was back at the convention center. He was able to watch Noah during the draft as Noah was seated near the edge of the floor. The team manager, Ken, gave him some Cardhoarder sleeves and he couldn’t wait to resleeve the decks he had with him. Cardhoarder has a new fan, but also continues it’s mission to help the community grow in whatever way it can.

While this Pro Tour may not have seen very good records for Team Cardhoarder we need to remember that this competition is the best of the best. Thank you to everyone who was rooting for the team and our continued growth moving forward to the next Grand Prixs and Pro Tours. We look forward to battling at the biggest Grand Prix event ever in Las Vegas!