Team Cardhoarder finished in the middle of the Pro Tour Team Series rankings at Pro Tour Dublin this weekend. With a final cumulative record of 39-41 the players performed well despite it being their first Pro Tour. The team was divided on which deck would perform best so they took two different decks to the tournament.

Player NameDeck PilotedFinal RecordFinal Standing
Jacob BaughFour Color Saheeli10-660
Zachary KiihneFour Color Saheeli9-7111
Andrew TenjumGB Aggro9-7149
Joe LossettGB Constrictor5-11251
Robert GravesFour Color Saheeli3-5291
Noah WalkerFour Color Saheeli3-5297

Team Cardhoarder Pro Tour Spotlight

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Brian David-Marshall recorded a great spotlight of the six players on the Pro Tour Team Series!

At The Tournament

In round 4 Jacob was spotted representing Team Cardhoarder at table 2! Unfortunately this did not get him a feature match, but it is still exciting to see the team in the top seats!

After completing Day 1 the team found their way to a restaurant called the Oarsman. Joe was quite happy to find this.

In the morning of Day 2 Andrew Tenjum was surprised to find himself in a draft pod of 10 players. Despite this oddity he finished the morning’s Limited rounds 2-1 ready to take on the Standard portion of Day 2.

Although Noah unfortunately did not make it to Day 2 he could be seen competing against Liliana in Windmill Slam’s Windmillionaire. You can watch the hilarity here.

Pittsburgh Is Next!

This weekend we will be at GP Pittsburgh and look forward to seeing you all there! Don't forget to watch our Twitter @TeamCardhoarder feed for live updates!