Brazilian Magic: the Gathering players have a reputation as being some of the most determined, passionate, and vocal competitors on the scene today. Players like Carlos Romão, Paulo Vitor Damo de Rosa, and Willy Edel have made it their mission to not only achieve Pro Tour success, but also to pave the way for the next generation of Brazilian Magic players to follow in their footsteps.

Their vision resonates strongly with us here at Cardhoarder, and is a philosophy we have brought to our own Team Cardhoarder, which we began sponsoring in 2016. Our primary goal with Team Cardhoarder (and other initiatives) is to work as a positive force in the Magic community, and develop new players in the competitive scene.

So, when Willy Edel approached us last month about a possible partnership, we were eager to hear what he had to say, and excited at the opportunity of working with him. Willy, and a half dozen of his countrymen had suddenly found themselves without a team after their previous team was discontinued. Without a sponsor, Willy and his peers would not be able to overcome the significant travel costs that often prevent Brazilian Magic players from achieving success on the competitive circuit.

After much discussion between us here at Cardhoarder, and the group’s official manager, Thiago Rodrigues, we are pleased to welcome Willy Edel, Guilherme Medeiros Merjam, Jonathan Lobo Melamed, Bernardo Santos, Marco Paulo de Jesus Freitas, and Eduardo dos Santos Vieira to the Cardhoarder family, or as they will collectively be known as, 'Team Cardhoarder Brazil.'

Led by beloved Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame member, Willy Edel, Team Cardhoarder Brazil will make their debut at Pro Tour Ixalan, and have set their sights on continuing to make Brazil a force to be reckoned with, while also fostering their community. We look forward to seeing what they, and Team Cardhoarder accomplish in the future, and encourage everyone to support them, as well.