GP Louisville Recap

Eight members of Team Cardhoarder played in GP Louisville this weekend, with all but one making it to day 2! A solid finish all around was just what the team needed to start the year off right. Half of the team made Top 64, walking away with prize money from the weekend.

Team Cardhoarder Results for GP Louisville (81-33)

Player NameDeck PilotedRankResults
Noah Walker4 Color Midrange2712-3
Joe LossettMiracles3012-3
Andrew TenjumSultai Midrange5111-4
Andy BoswellSneak and Show5511-4
Caleb SchererStorm6911-4
Jessy HefnerMaverick18510-5
Devin KoepkeMiracles2979-6
Robert GravesSneak and Show5515-4

Notable rounds for the team included when Caleb Scherer and Noah Walker were paired for round 9. They both were locked in for day two, but one was going to start the day off 7-2, while the other would have a tougher climb at 6-3. Noah came out on top leaving him to finish just three match points higher than Caleb.

In round 11 Joe Lossett was paired against Reid Duke, who went on to win the tournament. He was not able to win the match, but it is always exciting to play against the person who won the whole thing!

Andrew Tenjum was able to defeat Greg Orange in round 11, taking the match against Miracles.

A Look into the Players

This weekend was big for Joe Lossett. He locked in Silver and his invite to Pro Tour Nashville! He fought an exciting battle against Sneak and Show dealing 14 damage from a single Snapcaster Mage.


Image by Wizards of the Coast

Jessy Hefner was excited about a very close match in round 7. He was in a back and forth match against Shardless Sultai, but through tight play was able to take the match! He also received a lucky break when his Dredge opponent missed a key play in round 9 giving him the time he needed to win the match. In another match Jessy was able to hold back a Marit Lage with only a Scryb Ranger and a Mother of Runes for three turns until he was able to find a Karakas.

Andy Boswell Had an exciting game where he watched his opponent use two desperate rituals and a Simian Spirit Guide to play an Inferno Titan just before he cast Show and Tell. His opponent was not able to play anything, while Andy was able to play an Emrakul, the Aeon’s Torn. He also enjoyed watching the look on Brad Nelson’s face when he cast Daze, which is not typically played in a Sneak and Show deck.

Jacob Baugh was not able to be with us in Louisville for a very exciting reason—he was at the Super Sunday Series Championship! He was invited by Wizards of the Coast to play Kaladesh Draft and Modern for a grand prize. Unfortunately he did not make Top 8, but we are still proud to have been represented in this exciting event!

Going Forward


Image by Brian Donovan (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Our next stop is GP Pittsburgh on February 10th! The whole team should be there and decked out in our new team swag! Watch for the Team Cardhoarder jerseys on Wizard’s coverage all weekend to cheer on your favorite players.

Make sure to follow @TeamCardhoarder on Twitter and Team Cardhoarder on Facebook for live updates and guerilla coverage of the team. I’ll be following the players around to give you a first hand view of their successes for the weekend. Don’t forget to tag us with all of your support!