This weekend several members of the team attended the triple Grand Prix in Las Vegas. Amongst varied results there were some amazing accomplishments achieved. Two players queued for Pro Tour Kyoto this weekend. Bobby made Silver which came with an invite and Andy took 10th place, tied for top 8, in the Legacy GP giving him an invite as well.

The first event of the weekend was the Legacy GP. Eight players entered with all but one qualifying for Day 2. Only four opted to continue while the others played in the Limited GP on Friday instead. Caleb dropped after a few bad rounds leaving final records after Day 2 as: Andy Boswell 13-2, Bobby Graves 12-3, and Joe Lossett 11-4.

On Friday the Limited GP began with five team members competing. Three players qualified for Day 2, but Lucas decided to compete in the Modern GP instead of drafting. Jack Kiefer ended 7-4 and Andrew Tenjum ended 8-5.

The final tournament of GP Vegas was Modern. The team specializes in constructed formats so six players competed in this tournament. Caleb Scherer and Bobby Graves finished Day 1 at 8-1 and continues to 10-5 and 12-3 records respectively. This gave Bobby enough points to achieve Silver Pro status and locking an invite to PT Kyoto.

Next Up

Next weekend the team will be in Cleveland, Ohio to compete in Team Limited. Make sure to follow @TeamCardhoarder on Twitter to see live updates on your favorite players!