Team Cardhoarder was represented across four teams in the Team Limited GP this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. Joe Lossett played with some friends and they had some rough luck early in the tournament, leaving them to drop before the end of day one. This left three teams competing in day two.

Caleb Scherer, Quinn Kiefer, and Joey Johnson went into day two with a 6-3 record. After a few rounds with a weaker card pool they were no longer in contention for cashing the event so they dropped and two of them played in a Team Sealed side event.

Bobby Graves, Jacob Baugh, and Devin Koepke also began day two at 6-3 but felt they had a very good pool of cards to work with for the second part of the tournament. The played all five rounds ending with a 9-5 record.

Lucas Kiefer, Jack Kiefer, and Zach Kiihne made an amazing run this weekend. On day one they went 7-1-1, putting them in a competitive position going into the second wave. The first round of day two was disappointing when they received a loss and believed there no way for them to make the cut to top four anymore. They played through the last four rounds of the day leaving them with four wins and a 5th place finish in the final standings, behind 4th place by only .004% OMW.

Photo credit to Corbin Hostler

Congratulations to all of the team that competed this weekend and look for them this coming weekend at the Star City Games Invitational!