WOTC dropped a surprise on everyone last night (April 26th, around 8:30 EDT) banning Felidar Guardian in Standard.  While we feel this is ultimately the best situation for the format's health (and our enjoyment of the game for the next several weeks), this is a loss of time and money to many.  If you purchased Saheeli, Guardian, 4C Saheeli, or another Saheeli-based standard deck between 11 AM EDT on Monday and 8:30 PM EDT on Wednesday (the presumed "safe period"), we are issuing you bot credit.  The amount you have received is described below.  


If you purchased Felidar Guardian from our bots during this time, you received a full refund.  If you purchased Saheeli Rai during this period, you received a refund equal to the amount of the price you paid less 1.25 TIX (at the time of this writing, our current buy price on Saheeli is 1.54 TIX).


If you purchased Saheeli, 4C Saheeli or another Saheeli-based standard deck from our website, you received a refund via bot credit equal to the price you paid for your order less the current buy price for the deck.  As an example, if you bought a deck for 150 TIX and the current buy price at our bots is 102 TIX, you received 48 free bot credit.  Please note this calculation is based on your entire order, not simply the cost of Saheeli; we know that it was an entire deck, and we know you lost money - you can sell what you still have, and combined with your credit should be more or less made whole and ready to delve into the new metagame.


Nothing.  Your credit has already been added.  You do not need to return any cards to us - you can keep them, or otherwise sell them on the market.  If you feel you should have received a different amount - or did not receive a refund and feel you are due one, please contact us at support@cardhoarder.com.  Before you do that, please see the last note here as to orders we did not issue refunds for.  Ultimately we reserve the right to approve or deny any issuance of bot credit; please keep in mind it may take some time for us to investigate your situation.


We have reviewed by hand every bot purchase and every website purchase involving Saheeli and Guardian, and then by-hand determined what refund would be issued.  The following transactions received no refunds:

  • Orders deemed to be financial speculation
  • Orders where the total order value increased since the ban (due to increases in prices on other cards)
  • Orders for Modern decks that included Saheeli or Saheeli's colors