We take a look at the big surprises and stories to come out of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan including a nerd drama report by Dave. Modern seems to be in a great place. Are bans really necessary at this point? Other topics include Pro Tour Team Series fantasy update, Korey McDuffie, and favorite hangover food.

  • PTRIX storylines and surprises - 4:49
  • Nerd drama report - 18:22
  • Possible bans in Modern - 29:19
  • PT Team Series fantasy updates - 40:12
  • Cardhoarder After Dark - 45:11

The Cast

Conor's Twitter: @conorpodonnell | Twitch: conor_odv
Nathaniel's Twitter: @Cardhoarder | Twitch: Cardhoarder
Dave's Twitter: @DaveSea89 | Twitch: davesea

Music provided by Terrible Spaces