Wizards is experimenting with the MTGO economy by offering discount Play Point bundles until the release of Rivals of Ixalan. What impact will this have on the economy? We also dive deep into Magic content. We outline the common downfalls that content creators keep repeating. Magic Online doesn't it make it easy for content creators but we share our tips to improve the viewing experience. Other topics include full sets in Treasure chests, Dave's experience at GP Warsaw, and Mac and Cheese preferences.

  • GP Warsaw - 3:10
  • Play Point Bundles - 8:20
  • Full sets in Treasure Chests - 25:16
  • Magic content preferences - 32:46
  • Common downfalls of Magic content - 37:00
  • Social media & cross promotion - 59:33
  • How to utilize MTGO for content - 1:07:16

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