Dave Murphy is the new Ireland National champion! His good friend, Fergus Looney, joins the cast to share his experience running Irish Nationals. Gus reminisces how he met Dave and how Dave grew as a Magic player. Dave goes through his full Nationals experience. He explains how he came to play Mono-Red and why it was the perfect choice for this tournament. With the recent B&R announcement, we discuss the health of the various Magic formats. We close the show with a few music suggestions.

  • How Gus met Dave - 2:43
  • Dave's deck choice for Nationals - 9:41
  • Swiss rounds report - 15:00
  • Drafting B/W Vampires - 20:30
  • Top 8 matches - 28:07
  • Improving Nationals - 33:34
  • B&R announcement & health of Magic - 47:01
  • Music suggestions - 1:00:30

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