This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Alex Ullman joins the show to share his expertise on the Pauper format. We go over a brief history of Pauper and the evolution of the banned list. Alex shares his most impactful cards in the format and whether the jump from Dailies to Leagues on Magic Online has been a positive shift for the format.

  • Best aspects of Pauper & downfalls for creating content - 3:39
  • History of Pauper - 9:43
  • Origin of the banned list - 11:26
  • Most impactful cards in Pauper - 16:30
  • Has leagues helped or diminish the popularity of Pauper? - 23:06
  • Wizards injecting new Pauper cards with Master sets - 29:09
  • What card would you downshift to common? - 39:04

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