This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Dave returns and actually shares some positive opinions on the Magic Online Championship. Josh Utter-Leyton won the tournament, but the talk of the weekend was the change in coverage. Does the Vintage Super League style of coverage work on this scale? With Modern Masters 2017 fully spoiled, Conor, Nathaniel, and Dave argue whether Wizards included too many money cards into one set. Other topics include SCG Louisville's format change to Team Constructed, the additions to the Pauper format via MM17 and the cast's Magic Online Wishlist.

  • SCG Louisville now Team Constructed - 3:38
  • Magic Online Championship - 5:35
  • Modern Masters 2017 full spoiler released - 33:00
  • New cards for the Pauper format - 57:34
  • Magic Online Wishlist - 1:05:03

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