This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Dave is on vacation so Conor interviews Daniel Cahall from the Community Legacy League. Daniel explains the origin of the CLL and how the format has potential to grow online. Conor and Nathaniel discuss all the Magic Online news of the week including the exciting spoilers for Modern Masters 2017. Other topics include Jack Kiefer winning an online PTQ, the Throwback Standard Gauntlet gets taken down, and a preview of the Magic Online Championship.

  • Interview with Daniel from CLL - 1:04
  • Jack Kiefer from Team Cardhoarder wins MTGO PTQ - 16:00
  • Modern Masters 2017 spoilers - 21:02
  • Throwback Standard Gauntlet taken down - 34:39
  • Magic Online Championship preview - 39:52

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Sign up at Gatherling | Watch coverage on Pat Euglow's Twitch

Contact Daniel @Bobofraggles or @mtglegacyleague

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