This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Conor, Nathaniel, and Dave highlight Modern Death's Shadow as deck of the week. How did it evolve on Magic Online and will it stay as one of the best decks in Modern? Wizards released another vague statement regarding Magic Digital Next. The winner for the Pro Tour Aether Revolt playmat is announced. Other topics include 1996 World Championship card eBay posting, Team Constructed Magic, MM2017 spoilers, and Twitch streams you should be watching.

  • 1996 World Championship card eBay posting - 3:49
  • Winner announced for giveaway - 8:23
  • Magic Digital Next statement - 11:16
  • Deck of the week: Modern Death's Shadow - 23:49
  • Team Constructed Magic & SCG Baltimore - 41:16
  • MM2017 spoilers & full art basic lands - 49:36
  • Round table: Streams you should be watching - 1:06:25

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