This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Conor, Nathaniel, and Dave rejoice after hearing Nationals is back! But are all the changes positive? Wizards decides to change the World Magic Cup format back to Unified Standard. There are now Pro Tour Qualifiers on Sunday at every Grand Prix. Other topics include no more in-store Grand Prix Trials, Throwback Standard Gauntlet decklists, and goofy deck nicknames.

Season 1: Episode 43: Return to Nationals

  • Giveaway trivia question - 4:10
  • Nationals is back - 7:24
  • Unified Modern cut from World Magic Cup - 41:35
  • Sunday PTQs at GPs and no more in store GPTs - 52:51
  • Throwback Standard Gauntlet decklists announced - 1:03:41

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