This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Conor, Nathaniel, and Dave analyze the State of Magic Online article. Wizards makes an unthinkable change shifting the online release date to the Monday after the paper Prerelease. Magic players were hoping to be reassured with answers for the safety of their collections. Elaine Chase released a tweet hoping to reduce panic but Magic players continue to be pessimistic. Other topics include MTGO Traders lowering their ticket price, thoughts on new MTGO events in 2017, video coverage expanding for 2017, and fantasy Team Pro Tour draft.

Season 1: Episode 41: The State of Magic Online

  • MTGO set release date now Monday after paper Prerelease - 1:21
  • Elaine Chase response to MTGO panic - 14:00
  • MTGO Traders lowers their ticket price - 23:30
  • MTGO new event critiques - 39:25
  • Video coverage expanding for 2017 - 58:00
  • Fantasy Team Pro Tour draft - 1:12:00

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