This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast, special guest Kenji Egashira (aka NumottheNummy on Twitch) joins the show to share his Twitch streaming expertise. Learn about the origins of the Numot stream, how Kenji has grown it to one of the biggest MTG streams on Twitch, and what to expect from Numot and NumotGaming in 2017. Kenji also provides advice on growing your own stream, how to approach sponsors, how he stays interested in MTG and why you should avoid doing 24 hour streams. Join us for Episode 38 of the Cardhoarder Podcast!

  • How did Kenji get into streaming? - 3:50
  • 365 day stream challenge - 8:23
  • How to start streaming casually - 13:29
  • Suggestions for partnered streamers - 16:50
  • 24 hour streams - 21:35
  • How to keep MTGO interesting and staying motivated - 32:18
  • Events that need to come back to MTGO - 39:16
  • How to approach sponsors - 48:52
  • Balancing chat, gameplay, and moderation - 59:20
  • Kenji's future goals - 1:05:07

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