This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Conor, Nathaniel, and Dave react to the surprise Standard and Modern bans announced last week and discuss what it means for future bans. The crew also discusses very large news items in the digital magic world, including the departure of Worth Wollpert and a press release by WOTC President Chris Cocks. In addition, there were big MTGO changes announced by Lee Sharpe. All this and more on Episode 39 of the Cardhoarder Podcast!

  • Standard Bans - 2:00
  • Is there a problem with the Future Future League - 12:06
  • Modern Bans - 27:07
  • No more online Prerelease - 35:24
  • New single game draft leagues - 41:33
  • Updates to Treasure Chests - 58:26
  • Chris Cocks 'Making Moves' article - 1:04:56
  • Worth Wollpert leaves WOTC - 1:23:58

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