This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast, Conor, Nathaniel and Dave talk about the recent changes to SCG Tour, modern advances, no more players' championship and a new giveaway announcement!

Show Notes

  • Magic Online Wishlist - 3:32
  • SCG Tour changes - 10:23
  • Can Modern fill the void of Legacy? - 25:06
  • SCG Team Constructed - 30:35
  • No more Players' Championship - 36:32
  • Giveaway details - 43:17
  • 20 Questions - 48:20

Referenced Content:

SCG Tour changes

Giveaway details!

Send us a screenshot of which card you have the most copies of on your Magic Online account. Either email us cardhoarderpodcast@gmail.com or tweet using the hashtag #mtgocardhoarder.  Winners will be selected at random and will be announced during episode 29!

  1. 1st prize - A Kaladesh Invention of your choice
  2. 2nd prize - Kaladesh draft set
  3. 3rd prize - Over 4,000 copies of Treasure Cruise