This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast, Conor and Dave are joined by Tom Delia (aka MTGRadio) to discuss Commander Online, including whether playing Commander online is worth it, how much it costs to play Commander online, and what WOTC can do to appeal to the casual market on MTGO. Join us for Episode 26 of the Cardhoarder Podcast!

Show Notes

  • Magic Online Wishlist - 3:06
  • Is playing Commander online worth it? - 12:57
  • How can MTGO appeal more to casual players? - 22:29
  • Distribution of the new Commander products - 28:35
  • Tips and suggestions for streaming Commander - 37:26
  • Commander cards in need of reprinting online - 49:31
  • Expensive Commander cards that are dirt cheap online - 56:22

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