This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast, Conor and Dave are joined by Team Cardhoarder member Kent Ketter to talk about testing for Week 1 of a new Standard format as a professional Magic team. Other topics include the Kent's long-term MTG goals, and a look at some Kaladesh impact cards and sleeper decks. Join us for Episode 24 of the Cardhoarder Podcast!

Show Notes

  • Magic Online Wishlist - 3:16
  • Week 1 testing philosophy - 6:45
  • Hot Takes YouTube series - 28:24
  • Kent's long term goals and thoughts on the future of MTG - 31:14
  • Kaladesh impact card picks - 41:17
  • Underrated Kaladesh picks - 51:21
  • Upcoming events on Magic Online - 58:32

Referenced Content:

Frank Karsten - CFB article on manabases