Conor, Nathaniel and David interview Team Cardhoarder Captain Chris Andersen about his recent success on the SCG Tour (two Open Top 8s in a row), the health of Modern after EMN, Team Cardhoarder, improving MTG coverage, how MTGO fits into the competitive Magic picture, and his long-term goals for competitive Magic. Join us for Episode 18 of the Cardhoarder Podcast!

Show Notes

  • Magic Online Wishlist - 2:20
  • SCG Syracuse - 8:28
  • Should we expect a ban in Modern in the near future? - 17:06
  • Team Cardhoarder's progress - 25:01
  • Untapped market in MTG and coverage - 31:21
  • Playing online versus IRL - 36:24
  • Long term professional goals - 49:27

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