A lot has been said in Magic about leveling up. There are articles, videos, podcasts, coaches and many other materials to help you improve your game and get yourself  to the next level. Most people try to break through the PTQ Level to finally join the big stage: The Pro Tour. But what happens when you make it? Are you ready to face all those Pros that inspired you to get there?

I remember my first Pro Tour. I thought I was ready, just coming off a GP Top 8 and having the chance to test with some pretty good players. Guess what: I was not ready. I believe to succeed at the Pro Tour you need a lot more than just confidence and a good constructed list. You need to be at the top of your game, work on your weaknesses, and improve where you need to improve. Most of the time you are not able to find those things on your own or  in a simple test group. Sometimes you need guidance, you need mentorship. Someone to help you find what you are missing and how you can improve.

For the 2018-2019 season, we at Cardhoarder want to provide that to players.


Cardhoarder will be recruiting Pro Tour Competitors that are making their début in the professional scene, or that have had a few shots but things just never went their way. These players will work together for Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica under the guidance and supervision of our Mentors: Established Pros that have proven their place at the Highest Stage.

Our goal is not only to help you succeed at the Pro Tour but keep you there. That’s why our mentors will not only help in the Pro Tour preparation, but also to get your game to the next level throughout the whole season. Cardhoarder, as the sponsor for this program, is covering all costs associated with it.

Here are some of the benefits we are offering each selected player:

  • A Constructed and a Limited Mentor;

  • Skype sessions to review your gameplay and find out where you need to improve;

  • Decklist review and suggestions for all your key tournaments (Grand Prix, Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, Pro Tour Qualifiers, MOCS);

  • Comments on your Draft Logs;

  • A group forum for each format with all Mentors and mentees to discuss general strategy and tournament preparation;

  • Pro Tour testing coordination;

  • IRL Drafts with your fellow mentees and the Limited Mentors before each Pro Tour*;

  • MTGO Loan accounts to borrow cards for testing;

*(Based on Availability from both Mentors and Mentees)


To lead the program, we formed a team of talented players that are mix of raw skill, deck building specialists, format experts, long time grinders and even a well-known Hall of Famer. Let’s start with him:

WILLY EDEL(@bazardebagda)

Captain of Team Cardhoarder Brazil for the 2017-2018 season and a Hall of Famer, Willy is well known for being one of the fathers of South American Magic. He’s helped several generations of players that at one time just dreamed about the Pro Tour and today are a force in the professional scene. After taking young Quinn Kiefer under his wing for Pro Tour 25th Anniversary and seeing him finish 32nd, Willy was reminded that helping young players has always been his call and he is happy to be able to do it again through our Mentoring program. 

Pierre Dagen (@ElPruno_Dagen)

2-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Pierre Dagen made his debut in the professional scene in his home, Pro Tour Paris 2011. Since then he has played a total of 24 Pro tours and today is a leading figure in the new wave of French Players rising to the top.

Jean-Emmanuel Depraz (@JEDepraz)

Speaking of a new generation of French players, Jean Emmanuel is a Platinum Pro, a Grand Prix Champion and also the French National Team Captain this year. Despite still being a lesser known figure outside of Europe, he has been doing commentary on french tournaments and streaming for a while, and is well known in the community for his hard work and pragmatism.

Thiago Saporito (@bolov0)

GP Las Vegas 2017 Limited Champion Thiago Saporito has 2 Pro Tour top 8 appearances, including Pro Tour 25th anniversary in July. Thiago is also a Magic Online grinder, and one of his greatest strengths is solving Limited Formats before the competition. With countless hours of experiences in the game, his mind is well trained to consistently find the best plays, and he can’t wait to help others do the same.

Bernardo Santos (@bernardocssa)

2 times Magic Online Championship (MOCS) competitor Bernardo Santos was the most successful member of Team Cardhoarder Brazil last season, top 8-ing 3 Grand Prixs in 3 different formats and securing Gold Pro Player Status for next year. He considers himself a limited specialist and will be helping with Draft preparation for the Pro Tour.  


If you are convinced you are a perfect fit for this and want to be a part of this incredible initiative, applications are already open! Here are some of the basic requirements to enroll:

  • Be Qualified and attending Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica in Atlanta, November 10 - 11th;

  • Not have more than 3 Pro Tours appearances;

  • Be an upstanding member of the community;

  • The desire to become a mainstay in the Pro Tour!

Write to us at with your application and let us know why you should be chosen to be a part of our mentoring program.

See you soon!