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Hello investors! Welcome to another Battle of Tix update! We are very close to the end of the competition and as a result, my opening of new positions has slowed down. I have still made a few moves that are similar to each other: standard two color rare lands. These cards are one of the best speculation you can invest in if you are starting in the MTGO finance. They are very cheap, you can buy them with a small bankroll or grab plenty of copies if you are not on a budget. 

The trend is easy to identify, which you will see it in the images below. You can buy and resell them many times because they bounce in a price range really fast. I bought some copies of Shambling Vent and resold them after just three days.  They are a secure investment because they are standard staples, so during that period it is unlikely that their price drops abruptly.

Shambling Vent

The trend here is very simple the card has been bouncing between 2 tix and 3 tix sinc it release. I bought it every time it hit 2 tix and resell it when it was close to 3 tix again. Easy money.

Needle Spires

As you can see the card has been bouncing between 0.60 and 0.90. This one has a little twist: after the first trend was broken due to metagame offer/demand change, a new trend began. 

But there is no need to worry when this occurs because the strategy remains the same, buy when when it's cheap sell, when it's high.

Hissing Quagmire

Now the WR creature land bounces between 1 and 2. The movement is now slower but the price range is wider.

The BG land has two different trends as well - you can appreciate them together in one graphic. The reasons behind the change of trend here might be linked to the draft availability in MTGO rather than a change in the metagame, but that's another topic.

The other cards I am still holding are some of the biggest price losers after the Pro Tour including a bunch of eldrazi and WW humans. These cards will eventually rise so I will hold on to them until the last day of the competition if necessary to minimize the loss.

I'm unsure if this will be my last article for the competition, anyway it was a pleasure for me to write for Cardhoarder for the first ever MTGO finance competition. I hope it's not the last one because I had an amazing time and learned a lot to continue investing. Experience is so important in this niche that is just starting. I'm still far behind the first place but will do my best to win the competition. Wish you a great week!