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These past few weeks have been relatively uneventful for me in this competition as the real world, a new job and a move halfway across the nation have taken my attention recently.  The plus side is though I am likely out of contention for first or even second at this point I do have another PT to try and break above the double up I was hoping to reach in the beginning.  Last time around I was able to spend the weekend micromanaging my trades and keeping myself glued to the screen to watch the action and that seemed to work well, so I will attempt to give the event just as much attention this weekend.

I picked up a number of cheaper cards a few weeks ago and have been watching most of them slowly climb, but the Legacy and Modern positions I was in got held way too long and I have taken a real beating.  I need to find a way to turn things around. Tomorrow night I intend on dumping out of anything I can and taking a real run at this PT full swing with every dime I have to get back into the running at least.  I am eyeing a few of the high end mythics I expect to tick up, but at this point I need another Avacyn to appear to really have a chance at that kind of jump.

The lesson I have learned so far from this competition really has more to do with being a player than a financier, which is interesting - don't hold onto cards you aren’t using.  I have started to look at MTGO as a way to rent decks when you want to play them as the out on Standard cards is so high anyway and watching your collection plummet in value from no other factors beyond play at that exact moment takes a real adjustment from the real world.  

I managed to spike a hundred or so copies of Ishkanah, Grafwidow at just over two dollars when they were spoiled but that doesn’t look like anything I can do on MTGO so the hope is that some new deck shows up that has some spicy Mythic action to get in on.  Crush of Tentacles was great this week and though I expect a similar deck to show it may be a little late to jump in on that position unless it just seems to dominate the field.  In reality, I would probably be best to just get in on every card in Bant considering how dominant it is, but my bias still drives me unfortunately so I just can’t stick to such boring positions.  

As hard as it will be to take a loss on so many of the eternal pick ups... the fact that at one point they were up in price hurts a great deal.  This market seems to forget about formats as soon as they aren’t on Twitch and the volatility in cards that streamers like Saffron Olive push is just absurd to me; I get that it is fun to play for some people but I am glad the real market adjusts in a very different way, slightly less ADHD, even with the eternal spikes I much prefer than to what happens online.  Even when you track the source of a spike, it makes no logical sense to me but that is what I joined this for, to learn where those spikes come from.  Had I had a little more time every week to focus on MTGO finance I would likely pick up on more of these fringe cards, but alas the two that did find that part of the market have been well rewarded for it.

I am interested in watching the rest of the race, even if I am on the outside looking in, but I will at least be doing my best for the remainder that they cannot slack off and assume the top positions from here!