We are pleased to announce and launch our new customer Referral Program:

  • Receive your own unique referral link
  • Share your referral link with your friends
  • Your friends each receive 1 free bot credit after completing their first order of 10 tix or more
  • You receive 2 free bot credit and our thanks for each successful referral

Program Benefits

There are three great things happening with this program.  First, your friend receives a free bot credit.  This, combined with our New Player Welcome Gift and our free bots (64 cards for free every month), is a great way to get your friends into MTGO.  Second, it provides our customers with a way to earn free cards themselves.  Third, it helps support our business - which allows us to continue to do awesome things for the community, including our previously mentioned New Player Welcome Gift, sponsorship of a Pro MTG Team, sponsorship for free Player Run Events on MTGO, supporting MTG streamers, and publishing Daily MTG Content.

Who Is The Program For?

We have run our Affiliate Program for several years as a way for MTG-related businesses and websites to monetize their efforts and reward them for what they bring to our community.  With so much success from that program, we are launching the Referral Program to offer a similar reward system for both our individual customers and MTG content creators looking to monetize content they create for the community.  These two reward systems now combine to offer a way to spread the love and encourage cooperative growth across the entire MTG community.

Who is Eligible?

The Referral Program is available to any individual that has a Cardhoarder account.  Individual MTG content creators are also free to use the program to invite their audience to try us out.  If you are a business or website, our Affiliate Program is available to help you monetize your efforts and cover the costs of what you do for the community.

MTG Content Creators

If you have a lot of friends to refer our way, or are a popular MTG content creator, please reach out to us directly to discuss receipt of cash payouts in lieu of bot credit disbursements (support@cardhoarder.com) for your successful referrals.

The Fine Print

This program is intended to offer free credit for customers not already familiar with our services.  In order to help prevent abuse of the program, the referral bonuses are only available for brand new customers of our site - and are limited to one per household.  A New Customer using your referral link must fully complete a new order via our website of at least 10 Event Tickets.  Once the order is completed, the referral will be manually reviewed and the bot credit added; it is not an automatic process (for now), which will help us to ensure the program is not being abused.

Any abuse of this program, or attempt to artificially create referrals, may result in action from us including, but not limited to:

  • Forfeiture of outstanding bot credit earned from this program;
  • Suspension of your participation in the this program; or
  • Removal of your Cardhoarder account from our system.

Thank You

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you've given us as a community.  We are thankful every day that we get to run this business and be part of this community.  If you ever have any feedback or suggestions on or for programs like this, please reach out to us and let us know!