The recent success of Team Cardhoarder is no coincidence. Hard work, study, and practice have paid off with trophies, Top 8s, and money at the SCG Tour. Now, everyone gets a glimpse into how Team Cardhoarder prepares for an event, as we announce our new daily content hub, featuring articles and videos from Team Cardhoarder Prime Players.

Our Content Vision

Cardhoarder is excited to offer content at the cutting edge of the tournament metagame.  By offering new insight from our team members each day, we will always offer an up-to-date look at the latest decks, strategies, and lessons learned from events.  Looking ahead, we plan to expand our content beyond typical articles and videos, with interactive features we’re excited to share.

Video Series

Each day we will share a new constructed video from a Team Cardhoarder Prime member, covering a variety of topics outlined below.  

Team Tech with Andrew Tenjum: Andrew Tenjum is described by his teammates as the barometer for new decks. Someone has to make sure the team doesn’t brew themselves into a corner, and that someone is the hyper-consistent Andrew Tenjum. Each week he will play the deck the majority of the team played at their previous event, explaining the team’s choices, decisions, and sideboard strategy.

Hot Takes with Kent Ketter: Did you see that sweet deck from this past weekend? Well, Kent did and he can’t wait to jam some games with it! Watch each week as Kent takes the hottest tech and runs it through the paces on Magic Online. Great plays and punts are sure to be had as Kent figures out if the new tech is gold or fool’s gold.

Coach Chran’s Corner with Chris Andersen: Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize growth. And that’s just what Chris Andersen looks to do every week. Whether he is coaching a Team Cardhoarder Academy member in a particular match-up or explaining the X’s and O’s of how to sideboard in the mirror of a skill-intense match, Chris Andersen is always looking to teach you something so you can be a better Magic player.

Jacob’s Ladder with Jacob Baugh: Who doesn’t love a good brew? We know that Jacob Baugh does. Watch as Jacob takes his “brew of the week” up against the predefined metagame in an attempt to break wide open. Is the brew genius? Or madness? Watch to find out!

Accumulated Knowledge with Noah Walker: We got you covered, Legacy lovers. Our resident Legacy expert, Noah Walker, takes the most complex format and breaks it down for you, one match-up at a time. Need to know how to sideboard with Grixis Delver against Miracles? When should you go for it as a Storm player against Eldrazi? All these questions and more will be answered in Noah’s series.


If you’re looking for more of a traditional, long-form article, Team Cardhoarder has you covered there as well:

Team Digest: Each week of an event, one of the Team Cardhoarder members will give a behind-the-scenes look into how they prepared for the tournament. Did they stay up all week trying to break it? Did they jam the mirror until they could figure it out? And who remembered to reserve the hotel? The Team Digest gives you an inside look into how Team Cardhoarder prepares for every event.

Look for long-form, in-depth strategy articles from Andrew Boswell as well. Given his unique perspective of player and commentator, The Boz has a lot to write and it will help your game to read it

All of this content has been added to and is free for your enjoyment! And stay tuned as we continue to add more content, like Eternal deck primers, Team Cardhoarder streams, and maybe even some surprises and never before seen Magic content.