We have an automated system that is used to deliver most orders to our customers.  Our automated system uses computer-operated Magic Online accounts (bots) to deliver cards to customers.  On this page, you can find basic instructions for picking up your order from our bots, and the solution to some common problems customers run into.

When you place an order, it will usually be ready for pickup within a few minutes.  If you are logged on to Magic Online, our delivery bot will message you to begin the order delivery process.  If you do not receive this message, or accidentally close the message window, your order delivery can be re-initiated manually (see below).

Determining Which Delivery Bot Has Your Order

If you do not know which bot has your order, take a look at your Dashboard.  Go to [All Orders].  Look at the [Details] of your new order.  The name of the delivery bot with your order will appear at the bottom right section of the order details.

Cardhoarder.com has many delivery bots that handle automated orders.  Each order can be assigned to any of these MTGO accounts.

  • CardhoarderOrderBot
  • CardhoarderOrderBot2
  • CardhoarderOrderBot3
  • CardhoarderOrderBot4
  • CardhoarderOrderBot5
  • CardhoarderOrderBot6
  • CardhoarderOrderBot7
  • CardhoarderOrderBot8
  • CardhoarderOrderBot9
  • CardhoarderOrderBot10
  • CardhoarderOrderBot11
  • CardhoarderOrderBot12

Opening Chat with the Appropriate Bot

In the upper right hand corner of the MTGO client, click CHAT -> Join/New Chat Session...

In the dialogue box to joining a chat, type the name of the delivery bot that has your order followed by clicking (Create New).

When you see the new chat window dialogue box citing Chat: CardhoarderOrderBot as the title of the window, you have successfully joined chat.

Confirm You Are Ready to Receive Order

Type the word yes and then click the Send button or press Enter.  Follow the instructions from the bot as appropriate.

Please note: the bot will open trade with you only when it has your order available, and is not assisting another customer.  If you try to open trade with the bot, it will not work correctly.

Common Issues Retrieving Orders

Here is a list of some common issues customers have when receiving their order, as well as solutions to those issues.

Problem:  The Delivery Bot Responds In An Unexpected Way

I said yes to the bot and it replied:

Solution: Possibly the Wrong Delivery Bot

Please ensure you are speaking with the correct bot.  See the Which Bot Has My Order section above.

Problem: Delivery Bot Cannot Open Trade

The delivery bot responds that it cannot start trade with you:

Solution: Check Your Trade Request Settings

Please ensure that you are not unintentionally blocking trades.  In MTGO, click on ACCOUNT.  Then click Buddies, Clan, and Chat.  Make sure that the Trade Requests: Allow Only Buddies is not checked.  Once you have corrected that setting, restart MTGO.  When you log back in, message the bot with "yes".

Problem: Delivery Bot is Unable to See Your Event Tickets

In this case, the delivery bot says it does not see any Event Tickets, but Tickets are in your full trade list:

Solution: Restart MTGO

Cancel trade.  Go to COLLECTION, then Other Products tab.  Verify that you own Event Tickets.  If you do, more than likely you are out of sync with the MTGO servers.  The easiest solution is to log out of MTGO and log back in.  Once you have done that, say "yes" again to your order bot.