If you would like to sell individual cards to us, you must use our Buy Bots to sell those cards for Event Tickets. Our buy list prices are the actual prices our Buy Bots are paying for those cards, though it is noted that this is delayed by a few minutes and therefore prices may be slightly different in practice; if our Buy Bots are not currently purchasing those cards, this will be denoted by "--" as the price on the list view, or noting that we are "Fully Stocked" on the detail card view.

Selling to the Buy Bots

We have five official buy bots:

  • CardhoarderBuyBot
  • CardhoarderBuyBot2
  • CardhoarderBuyBot3
  • CardhoarderBuyBot4
  • CardhoarderBuyBot5

These bots share credits with each other and with all of our sell bots.

Before you trade with CardhoarderBuyBot, CardhoarderBuyBot2, CardhoarderBuyBot3, CardhoarderBuyBot4, or CardhoarderBuyBot5 first you need to determine what cards you want to sell.  Create a new binder called "To Sell".  Populate the new binder with the cards from your collection that you are interested in selling.  Open up trade (when the bot is not busy), sellect the "To Sell" binder and the chat dialogue box will guide you through the entire process. All of the Cardhoarder buy bots are a sophisticated buying application that looks at our entire inventory for all of its buying needs rather than buying everything you have made available.

What if the Buy Bots are not buying cards I want to sell?

As noted, our Buy Bot applications look at our entire inventory to assess our current needs. If the bot does not select a card you want to sell, it means that we are at full capacity for that card (this should likewise be noted on our site when you are browsing for cards). However, our inventory changes by the hour and even by the minute - check back with the bots (or check on our site) an hour or two later to see if we have started buying cards you'd like to sell.

I want to sell cards for cash, can I do that?

Currently our buy list only operates through our Buy Bots. Since the Buy Bots operate within MTGO, they can only buy cards for Event Tickets. If you'd like to get cash, you have two options:

  1. Sell cards to our Buy Bots, then submit a Ticket Inquiry to us to sell your Event Tickets at our market rate; OR
  2. Sell your entire collection to us at once by submitting an official quote request through our collection appraisal tool. Please note that if the Buy Bots are buying a card, it will often give you a better rate per card than our collection appraisal tool because of certain discounts we apply in the tool. We apply these discounts to account for the fact that our inventory holding cost is higher when we are buying cards we may already be fully stocked on.