Bot Credit is a lot like store credit in that it can be used to purchase product on our site; however, it can also be used to purchase cards directly on our sell bots.  You can also think of Bot Credit as spare change when it comes to making small purchases.

Where can I use Bot Credit?

Bot Credit can be used via our site when you place orders using the Event Ticket payment method - the order total will be automatically subtracted from your outstanding bot credit when you pick up your order.

In addition, Bot Credit can be used directly with any of Cardhoarder's official sell bots. Simply open trade, select the items you want to purchase, and the total will be deducted from any outstanding Bot Credit you have.  Bot credit is store specific, not MTGO account specific.  You may have Bot Credit with other bots.  Those will remain with their system.  There is no unified bot credit system beyond Event Tickets; they are universal.

Does Bot Credit Expire?

Bot Credit never expires - keep it until you use it.

How Much Credit do I have?

You can see how much bot credit you have directly from your dashboard.  Click on the MTGO accounts tab.  There you will see all of the MTGO accounts in which you have successfully placed an order through  Accounts that have the verified Status are the only ones that will be able to see the current Credit Balance.

Bot credit is refreshed once a day automatically.  If you find that you are a frequent customer of our website and/or sell bots, you will want to click on the Refresh Bot Credit Balance to receive an up-to-date status.  Please make note of the Last Updated date and time stamp.  If you have used our services after that time period, you will want to refresh.