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SCG Worcester marked the first official Team Cardhoarder event, with 7 team members competing in the main event and two team members providing commentary on the SCGLive Stream. Kent Ketter and Andrew Tenjum led the team with Day 2 finishes - with Kent Ketter just missing the top 8 in the last round of the event.  Overall, the team was 40-28-1 in the the main event.

Team Cardhoarder Results for #SCGWOR (40-28-1)

Player NameDeck PilotedRankResults
Kent KetterGrixis Delver12th11-3-1
Andrew TenjumSultai Control48th9-6
Jacob BaughStorm93rd6-3
Jessy Hefner*Sneak and Show108th6-3
Noah WalkerGrixis Delver307th4-3
Ryan Deveau*UR Delver470th3-6
Chris AndersenGrixis Delver672nd1-4

*Academy Member

Player Interview with Noah Walker (TC)

Player Coverage

Round 2 - Kent Ketter (TC) vs Noah Walker (TC)

Round 5 - Tom Ross vs Jessy Hefner (TC)

Round 6 - Pete Ingram (MGG) vs Kent Ketter (TC)

Round 12 - Alan Shupe vs Andrew Tenjum (TC)

Round 15 - Ben Friedman vs Kent Ketter (TC)