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SCG Columbus was the first major event with EMN included in standard.  Team Cardhoarder's performance at the event was very strong, with Devin Koepke topping things off by taking first place at the event.  Andrew Tenjum's version of Bant Company was piloted by four members of the team - with 4th, 16th, 19th, and 21st finishes after 15 rounds of Swiss.  Andrew Boswell piloted a Green/White tokens build to a 9th place performance, narrowly missing a chance for the cup.  

Team Cardhoarder Results for #SCGCOL (74-34-2)

Player NameDeck PilotedRankResultsTop 8
Devin Koepke*
Bant Company4th12-33-0 / Winner
Andrew BoswellG/W Tokens9th11-3-1
Chris AndersenBant Company16th11-4
Kent KetterBant Company19th11-4
Andrew TenjumBant Company21st11-4
Jessy Hefner*Bant Company116th6-3
Lucas Kiefer*Mono White Humans140th5-4
Noah WalkerW/R Humans329th3-3
Jacob BaughSultai Delirium344th2-3-1
Quinn Kiefer*Quintillion Zombies415th2-3

*Academy Member

Winners Interview - Devin Koepke (TC)

Player Coverage

Round 2 - Lucas Kiefer (TC) vs Corey Baumeister

Round 3b - Devin Koepke (TC) vs Todd Stevens

Round 4b - Eric Rill vs Andrew Boswell (TC)

Round 13 - Todd Stevens vs Chris Andersen (TC)

Round 13b - Devin Koepke (TC) vs Jack Fogle

Round 14 - Andrew Boswell (TC) vs Ronnie Ritner

Round 15b - Andrew Boswell (TC) vs Christopher Weidinger

Finals - Ali Aintrazi vs Devin Koepke (TC)