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SCG Baltimore marked the second major event with EMN standard, and another strong performance from the team.  Every single player from the Team was playing on day two, with Chris Andersen's leading performance giving the Team a top 8 finish in two consecutive events.  Chris VanMeter and Andrew Boswell provided commentary for the SCGLive stream for the duration of the event.

Team Cardhoarder Results for #SCGBALT (68-34-3)

Player NameDeck PilotedRankResultsTop 8
Chris Andersen
Bant Company8th11-2-21-1 / 4th
Kent KetterBant Company13th11-4
Devin Koepke*
Bant Company20th11-4
Joey Andrews
Bant Company59th9-5-1
Jacob Baugh
Bant Company68th9-6
Noah Walker
Bant Company77th9-6
Jessy Hefner*
Bant Company91st8-7

*Academy Member

Player Coverage

Round 2 - Devin Koepke (TC) vs Corey Ramsey

Round 7b - Jessy Hefner (TC) vs Drew Brantner

Round 9 - Chris Andersen (TC) vs Ross Merriam

Round 11 - Chris Andersen (TC) vs Robert Gross

Quarterfinals - Cory Dissinger vs Chris Andersen (TC)

Semifinals - Osyp Lebedowicz vs Chris Andersen (TC)